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It’s been a while. What a beautiful evening. #teamspacehorse
Terrible photo quality, but I like this photo because it reminds me of Sunday nights in the fall. Three cheers to #sabbath ya'll!
A perfect Saturday afternoon - snuggles, a gigantic pile of legos and Toy Story. #grateful
Causing trouble with my kids! 🦄🐻🐱
Erin is sleeping in. Me and the kids are at our favorite Saturday morning spot. #grateful
Tonight's ride. #Minnesota -- "A bicycle can give you the feeling of freedom and speed you get from riding a motorcycle, the sense of well-being and peace you get from meditating, the health benefits you get from an afternoon in the gym, the sense of self-expression you get from learning to play guitar, and the feeling of victory you get from completing a marathon." - Christopher Koelle
Morning coffee ride with my youngest Willy. "Dad, this is incredible!"
#coffeeride #summer #teamnorth #teamspacehorse
Took the kids on a bike ride tonight and stopped by the park. #teamspacehorse #ldstem