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I just scored this for $1. Is the shirt offensive?

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And just like that @evernote loses my subscription as #OneNote imports all my #Evernote notes. It’s only $2, but that’s a 30% increase. No thanks.
Pastor Rick: ‘the burning bush is not normative’. Also, he’s not really that pale… couldn’t get the lighting quite right. #onegracefamily
At @hoborlando for the @needtobreathe show. I love this woman and I love spending time with her.
I have started a @youtube channel with & @haydenpuppydog check it out to see how crazy 3 boys can be.
I got the orange #trayvaxoriginal for Christmas. My 11 yo son bought himself the blue one with his birthday money. @trayvax sent us the #trayvaxsummit for him to share. He decided to share with me, and now it houses my business cards. I love these wallets! Look great, works awesome. #trayvaxsummitgiveaway #therecklessdad
I long for the days when hearts were ablaze, the Spirit moved mighty and the people were amazed. #celldweller #circleofdust #argylepark #klayton #doomsayer