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  Posted: May 3, 2012 4:23 PM FEED
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Yesterday youngest Native and I went to the farmers market. She saw a young woman (about 26 yrs old) standing there with this book in hand and vendor both full of copies of her book. I watched Gabs watch her. Turns out she wrote this book when she was just 11. Gabs loves to write and really wanted to stop so we did. She shared her story with us. She wrote the book and tried for years to get it published, her ex boyfriend told her the problem was she wasn't smart enough to have a book published. So guess what she did? She👏 got👏 her 👏book 👏published. It's sold out a few times on Amazon now, she is doing some pretty amazing things, donating parts of the money raised to different organizations, and also she donates her books to school libraries. It's an amazing story book with educational fun facts. She resides in Florida and I love that she is out and sharing her book and story, at a farmers market too! PLUS OMG HER EX SAID SHE WASN'T SMART ENOUGH AND NOW SHE IS DEDICATING A BOOK TO HIM BECAUSE SHE PERSISTED ANYWAYS AND GOT HER BOOK PUBLISHED AND GIVES BACK AND SHE IS MY SHERO. You guys, don't let anyone else's negative thoughts dictate your future. Naturally we supported her, thanked her a bunch, bought a copy and left so thankFULL knowing Gabs will carry this inspiration with her. I hope she remembers this day always.
Find her book on Amazon, support her, share her story with your sisters, mothers, cousins, friends, brothers, grandparents, sons and daughters and the world!!! .
Some Sunday morning truth.
I spent alot of time trying so hard with friendships, relationships, business partnerships in the past- not realizing I was repeating the same cycles over and over again. I thought for so long I had to make things work out, I had to save "it". Then slowly I began to wake up and realize I didn't want those friendships, relationships, business partnerships- it wasn't failing by letting go when I was the only one trying- it was cleansing and created space for so much of what I actually wanted. There's alot of nonsense online here and it's very easy to get caught up in thinking you should be, or should be doing something a certain way- and I'm tired of should'ing on myself. I am thankful for those that uplift, support, encourage, inspire, and show up. .
Thankful for this reminder from @grantcardone and for daily messages from my powerful women support system @cinbaryoga & @paz.itivity .
#Giveaway ... Heres Gabs perfecting the shavasana giggle. She is thrilled with her new @bendibaby big kids mat. It's funny, she's always had an adult sized mat and I never thought she cared- but this was a big deal, she has a mat that fits her. It doesn't make her feel small. She fits and she feels like it's for her, not something that is out of reach that is for when she is older. It's for her NOW. Tonight after a long day she un-rolled her new mat, shavanasa'd and had her spaghetti dinner sitting on her mat giggling. That's her yoga for today. Sometimes that's what you need and she has taught me the true meaning of yoga. Yeah, it's a discipline, a discipline of listening to your soul and doing what you need to be present and in union with YOU. Yoga, sometimes it's asana, sometimes its pastasana.
Parents, currently these big kid mats from @bendibaby are only available via winning one, so here's an opportunity to do so: Connect with Brooke @bendibaby, help support her by following her journey on her account, go say hello or drop a ✊fist up and some likes to let her know you support women entrepreneurs too, then comment below here and tag a parent (momma or poppa) with a "big kid" and nominate them-and if you feel drawn to- share something amazing about them and let them know you SEE them, and that you think they are an amazing parent.
My nephew little bubba aka Bennett showing us a variation of supta baddha konasana while testing out the new @bendibaby black big kids mat! He does yoga in school and just look how excited he is to show us all😂. I love and support Brooke at @bendibaby, there's many reasons but here's a few important ones: 1. She is an amazing woman: Woman run company. 2. When you purchase you're directly supporting an amazing family and getting a wonderful product. 3. She is a kind human being. 4. She uplifts and supports so many women and women entrepreneurs. 5. Her girls are little Goddesses and helping make our world a better place. .
I'll be sharing some pictures of Gabby (and hopefully J but he's 14 and busy with everything but time for the woman who gave him life. Ughhhhh. Excuse me while I pitty party) to show the size of these larger big kid mats. The black one is currently only available via giveaway and Brooke is offering another giveaway. I'll share a photo later tonight with details. ❤
Thanks to my sis @_zulaigretz and Bennett for being such a wonderful little yogi.
Don't put random chemicals (or penis's) into your vagina. Honor your health. ✊
In home therapy exchange tonight through the sunset with my prima-hermaña. Thankful. Always a good time and amazing soul cleansing talks.
I'm a firm believer in when your feet feel good you feel good. Playing soccer for 17 years and now having worked jobs that always keep me on my feet it's an important part of my routine to stretch, massage and relax my feet. We often leave our feet out of our routines, so this is a friendly reminder to stretch, massage and relax yours. ✌
Posted: Oct 17, 2017 11:18 PM
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Posted: Oct 17, 2017 11:14 PM
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Repost @mattmcgorry thank you for using your voice and your platform.
Posted: Oct 17, 2017 3:44 PM
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Why is that everytime a movement starts some feel it so necessary to add the "but", "also", "don't forget" .... this is an era of participation awards and everyone gets fucking bothered by everything because one word was left out, or this campaign is only for this group of people, or how the Black Lives Matters movement has been under attack with others saying "BUT" all lives matter. Yes. No one said they didn't. Now, I have been so so proud to see so many sisters share in their #MeToo stories, and yet there has come out of this many now saying "well wait, but, what about them too..." .
What. The. Fuck. Guys.
Aren't you listening.
Women are sharing a dark part of them, repressed stories, working towards releasing others coming after of carrying our hurt, pain and guilt- and here we go again by adding the dreaded "but". Stop.
Yes, there is pain in the world both on the feminine and masculine sides- this movement is to help women move forward, and not for our generation, just because we share, just because we "Come out" and scream it doesn't mean we will be magically healed. For most women they will carry these things with them until they die. What WE are collectively trying to do is move towards healing for the next generation of women and men coming. By sharing our stories young women learn it's ok to speak up, and we are here to protect them, it's safe for them to speak up. By sharing our stories young men are learning new behaviors and what is acceptable and how to protect and honor us. Yes, this goes both ways. Understand this though, by you throwing in a "but" instead of the me too- you are unknowingly silencing some women that wanted to share but feel bad or like they will be judged. I've received countless messages recently from many saying they wanted to share but felt uncomfortable doing so publicly so they are thankful to the women who share. This is why women everywhere are stripping down and breaking open old wounds- for each other. Please, don't infuse the message with some sort of patriarchal bullshit. Please don't say "yeah, me too- BUT...." .
Thank you @wildfeatherdreamer saw this on your page and sharing it forward❤
Posted: Oct 17, 2017 1:44 AM
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We think everyone should get to carry a sign like this we have decided.
Gabs made this sign for herself today. She showed us after and asked if it's ok if she uses this when she feels like she's going to freak out. She has been experiecing anxiety in school and at home and not sleeping well since everything happened in our marriage. She is finding ways to help curve the freak outs when they come. She's channeling her emotions in different ways, but she screams and cries when she needs to. My God I need to take notes on her coping skills and put some in immediate use. My emotions bounce all over from stable and having a wonderful time to drowning with weights strapped to my ankles. But, I'm OK. It's a process. We are working on it.
Posted: Oct 16, 2017 4:20 PM
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Me too.
Stand up for each other.
Be the voice for each other.
Remind each other it is NOT ok.
Speak up.
Show up.
Scream it, let them know it is unfuckingceptable.
Posted: Oct 15, 2017 2:55 PM
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Favorite book. (The Invitation) I've read it at least a dozen times. It's marked, dogeared, highlighted, has pressed flowers, dirt, sand, grass stains, wine stains, tears, little notes from Gabby, and leaves from plants and herbs from Abuelos garden. This book has been something I come back to. It's full of messages and everytime they sound a little different and even more filled with what I need to hear. Today I picked it back up, and starting the journey all over. I took this picture and immediately served as a reminder when I looked at it. Over 17 years ago my hand went through a glass window, cut all the way through I could see the tendons, muscles and bones. The Dr at the time held my skin open and lifted each piece and looked right at my 18 year old face and said I would never be able to use the last 3 fingers on my right hand. I'm right hand dominate. I paid him no mind. I watched fasinated as he stitched my hand and wrist back together. About 30 stitches later and a few weeks of intense swelling and pain (all while in the middle of my college soccer season) I was cleared to remove the stiches. It was pretty raised and looked like a caterpillar for some time. I wasn't given physical therapy, and I was too young to care or understand the importance. I spent alot of time massaging my hand and fingers. There was alot of pain anytime it got cold out (I was in school in TN) and writting had become excruciating- but I tried not to complain and really didn't tell anyone. I went on to heal myself. I had not an ounce in me that believed that Dr when he said I wouldn't. I just knew I would. The immense capacity inside of us that we can unlock to heal with the power of what we believe never ceases to blow my mind. It's odd how in this stage in my life when I feel down its so easy for me to get lost in the dark, go lower and validate my feelings because of what happened between my husband and I. When I go there I am choosing to believe I am not worthy. This scar today gave me strength. I healed because I chose to not believe otherwise. I now am able to follow my passion and make a living using my hands physically to help others. Our choices shape us in so many ways.
Posted: Oct 15, 2017 1:46 AM
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Hemp oil has quickly become a new favorite for everything. Even over coconut oil. (Yeah I said that shit)
Dear Women (and Men too- for your daughters and Wives),
I'm sharing this as a woman who has been healing for years (over 10 now) from procedures that had to be done that left me with basically no cervix. I had high grade lesions that progressed over time and left me with the choice of removal through procedure or sit wait and see what happens. Several procedures later I was left with a very very thin layer of cervix that meant I couldn't carry another child to full term and also many years of healing (still in process), but cancer free in that area- so fuck yeah! But, after that I began to pay really close attention to what was going in, on or near my yoni. I know prior to I didn't think too much about what ingredients are on tampons or pads??? I literally thought cotton- the end. There's so much more. So many chemicals. So here we are, faced with some serious choices we can make for the future health of our vaginas. There are some really wonderful companies out there now creating healthy options for us! This amazing woman @perfectlyimperfectgoddess has created an amazing company @handsofsage and she has a wealth of knowledge- go check her pages out for more info. She graciously sent me a box to check out after I posted a few weeks ago about getting women sanitary supplies after the hurricane. It was a blessing and I was able to share it forward to a beautiful young lady. The box is filled with good for you products- simple, organic, natural healthy products, AND AMAZING TEA!!!!!!! She offers so much more as well on her website, there is a link in her bio. She is amazing and I love and support women doing good things for other women. Check her out. ❤ (Thank you sister for seeing me, for supporting me, for your kind words and for this BEAUTIFUL box of love!!!!!)
Posted: Oct 14, 2017 12:34 PM
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Been thinking alot about this "spiritual community", which in itself sounds ridiculous considering all humans are spiritual beings, but anyfuckingways, there's this movement of fluff and "go with the flow" that I think fucks us all up. I mean it fucked me up for a long time. Sure, I mean I get it, at some point when we get all worked up we have to understand we can't control everything and we have to learn how to flow with it- like as in reframe and change your mindset and figure out shit in a new way than you may have originally planned for. I just keep seeing and hearing this entire shift of people teaching that we just have to completely let go and when someone isn't ready or doesn't comprehend that shit is dangerous to our mentality and conditioning. Surrender is not about just this letting go of everything and just seeing what happens. You play such a big part in this surrender experience- you've still got to show the fuck up for life. This human experience is a gift. I'll repeat, this human experience is a gift- so experience this shit fully. You can lose yourself momentarily and I think that's the humbling part- you fall to your knees, or ball up onto the floor- but then you participate in your rising. You ask, be open to receive, you do, you be- and you surrender to the attachment of the "how" you get to what or where you want. You still have to do. Be decisive, be fucking picky, surrender to the flow of how you'll get to what you want- alter your plan, change your fucking mind along the way about the strategy as your plan unfolds. It's all good. There's no golden fucking rules about "how". Some people figure their "how" they got some where and then they try to package it up and put a golden ribbon on it and sell you this 10 step program- but that's their way- sure, grab some motivation to ignite this in yourself- but don't be discouraged if you do it all and don't get the same results- alter it along the way for you. Inside you is the greatest Guru. The Creator is there speaking to you- listen.
Posted: Oct 14, 2017 10:20 AM
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Reminders for those who need it. I speak and support alot about sisterhood, but brothers I got you too.❤ Reposted from @thegoodquote