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Sold out again! Because why!? It's amazing stuff!!!! 4 months in and still selling out! I just placed another order today so if you need a tube please message me snag yours! #NoBleach #NoPeroxide #SafeKidsOverTwo #UseDaily #NoEnamelNoProblem #ReallyWorks!
A few tubes left!!! Who is ready for a fresh start? #SqueakyClean!
We got our results in! Very interesting!
I've got a little bit of everything! Under Native American it shows South America, Central America and Mexico. My results showed --> Puerto Rican, Dominican, Chilean, Italian, to Nigerian, to British to Irish and more. Wow! Soooo cool! It shows that in the 1900's my ancestors left Zacatecas and Aguascalientes Mexico and came to the US. Some went to New Mexico and the rest here to California. I highly recommend this! Thank you for gifting this to Tre and I mom!
Thank you Jesus for these beauties I call daughters ❤️ as tired as I may be the grind won't stop! Momma on a mission! #Sisters #Blessings #GoodNight😘😘 #Cuddles #Grateful #Sissy #BigSister #PajamaJam
Gigi & Great Grandma & Ariah ❤️ #Family
Who's ready for holiday photos? Let me hook you up with my magical toothpaste! Get in on my bulk order Tuesday! 😁
I'm looking for 5 motivated men and women to join the toothpaste train! Christmas is right around the corner. Start today! 🤑🎄☃️🎁🎅🏼🤶🏼$100-$500 or more weekly!
Today I got my 6 month shots and I weight 16.95 and I'm 26 inches long! I'm healthy and growing fast! My loving baby Ariah I adore you! #MyBabyGirl #AriahAvery #Healthy #Blessed #MomOfGirls #6MonthsOld
My mom just gave Tre & I such an AMAZING Anniversary gift! 🤗 I am sooo excited to know 100% what my DNA is! It's cool we can tell our girls exactly what they are. ❤️
Happy 1/2 birthday baby girl! You are such a good baby. Thank you for making it easy! You're such a happy smiley baby! Ariah adores her sister Cadence she can stare at her all day. Ariah loves to nurse, roll over and play time with big sissy. Her favorite solids are sweet potatoes and avocado. Thank you for blessing my life sweet baby girl. But you can slow down now and just stay small forever ❤️
Seriously!? These moments I will cherish forever! The louder laugh is Ariah. She adores her big sister it's so fun to watch. Thanks for recording this @sh00ter__mcgavin ❤️ #BlessedTimesTwo! #Daughters #Cj #Aj