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Comprare roba da anziane

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• school friend, I wad a #kid / after my complaints he said everyone I asked him to touch my panties • carpenter, I was a kid / he pushed me to the wall and touched my baby tits asking for a kiss • policeman, I was a teenager / he said would not give my documents back if I won't have a drink, text me later on my private number • man on a train, I was a #teenager / he had a wank on my shoulder • neighbour, I was #adult / inappropriate jokes and blocked me on the stairs • doctor, I was adult / visiting me he touched me in a disgusting way • italian designer, I was adult /
In a job interview asked me for a private meeting • french photographed, I was adult / touched inappropriately during a shooting • men on streets, everyday / stupid and disgusting comments
HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎂❤️🐭 @mirtylla my cuteness cutie pie 🐥
I just found this "tall quote" I'M TALL BECAUSE GOD LIKED ME SO MUCH, HE DECIDED TO SUPERSIZE ME - 😨 I'm not that tall so what? 😈