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Painting session. Mami gambar juno, juno gambar mami papa. Bagaimana? Mirip ga? #junowirawan
Glad he can experience this. I think i had more fun than him haha. #futurelabpark #instamom
What an experience. Amazing food, good companies, awesome place. Everything was superb. Congrats @fernandosindu @arumdalulab @fullfillisme @kandurastudio
Makan di kebon 👍🏻 Discover the hidden treasures of Indonesia in this collaborative effort between chef @fernandosindu @arumdalulab @fullfilisme @kandurastudio and #krosskulture
Tgif. I'm celebrating it with a delicious bacang from @bacang_leeker . my sister made this ❤️soooo gooooddd. You will be hooked. #instamom #instagood #bacanghalal #bacangketan #bacangayam #bacangbabi
This scarf is my mood booster this morning. Looove it soo much @fullfillisme ❤️ kamsia 🙏🏼
He wasn't perfect but he was my only brother. We argued, we annoyed each other, but also we gave strength to each other. You once hold me in your arm ko, now God is holding you in his arm. You have reach you finish line and you have done your best in life. I will miss you. #ripdearbrother
Happy sweet 70 mom! Stay young! Stay fearless! Stay strong! We love you to the moon and back! #70yo #mombirthday #kltr #harummanis
Nungguin papa kerja. A touching scene i saw today at fresh market pik ❤️#instamom #purelove
Bye caterpillar. You cannot stay in our garden but you can have all the leafs at a garden nearby. Please come by when you have turned into a butterfly 🦋 #junowirawan #instamom #sunday taken by @rd22
Women can be strong! I love being able to do this kinda stuff without relying on men. I wish i can be more muscular but i love eating too much 😂. Im holding a full galon here, easy! #mommapower #instamom #gantigalonsendiri #theresaskeletoninthecloset #latepost
Ga mau rugi potong rambut di sini mahal 😂pendekkin lagi deh mbak. Maybe i over did it? #junowirawan #instamom
Dung dung dung..coba coba aja ya nak ga ada space buat ginian di rumah...mainanmu aja ampe debuan 😑#junowirawan #instamom