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  Posted: May 3, 2012 8:16 AM FEED
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After 3 years living on the North Shore and almost 3 years living in Potts Point, I’m now a Chippendalian!
When you're out getting your steps up for #Steptember and you snap a full moon rising behind one of the world's great buildings
Time for a stocktake. The NSW Government eased restrictions on small bars at the end of 2016, allowing them to open until 2am and to increase capacity to 100 patrons (with Council approval). Eight months on, which bars have applied for - and received - approval under the new legislation?
So I've started a blog. First post is up - An A-Z Guide to eating in Sydney after 10pm. Thanks to @on_the_luce and @lmacleod91 for the idea 💪🏽...let's see how this goes...
MELBOURNE | 22:19 | 4.9C | Allowed my fingers time to thaw out before posting this pic - Swans win and my first time at the MCG!
MELBOURNE | 13:41 | 11.5C | Vista from the Shrine of Remembrance down St Kilda Road and Swanston Street. Eureka Tower on the left. Sun is out!
MELBOURNE | 14:44 | 12.8C | Van Gogh and the Seasons at NGV International
MELBOURNE | 16:02 | 14.1C | The State Library of Victoria's Domed Reading Room dates from 1913. Fun fact, this structure was designed by @batessmart ... the same architecture firm as my office building (420 George Street, Sydney). Talk about standing the test of time!
MELBOURNE | 13:20 | 13.5C | Centre Place gives me Diagon Alley vibes
SYDNEY | 11:08 | 16.0C | Opening weekend at the best new cafe in Sydney CBD?
SYDNEY | 13:28 | 22.6C | Four days out from winter and Sydney be looking like this.
SYDNEY | 12:43 | 19.6C | CBD food openings are killing it right now. Last week @bacco_osteria this week @regimentcbd and next week @thegroundsofthecity . Regiment CBD is a new cafe located at the back of the new 333 George Street building on the corner of Wynyard St & Wynyard Ln. The coffee is 👌🏾 and the beef stew should be on every damn cafe menu heading into winter.
SYDNEY | 12:48 | 19.2C | For lunch today, I road tested one of the new wave of food openings to hit Sydney CBD. @bacco_osteria is located on Ash Street, near Ivy. Ash Street is one of my favourite public spaces in Sydney and I think I will be seeing a lot more of it if this panini is anything to go by!
SYDNEY | 11:00 | 18.0C | Autumn rays and falling leaves at the El Alamein Fountain in Kings Cross. The new alfresco Fountain Cafe is doing a roaring trade.
PERTH | 16:44 | 26.3C | Does WA have the best looking pubs in Australia? This is the super fine National Hotel in Fremantle. The National Hotel was built in the Federation Free Classical style and opened in 1868.