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One of the many, many, many antique shops in Brighton.
One of Charles Street, Brighton, taken earlier today. We arrived kinda late but it’s still been a good day out.
Travelled up to Warwick and Leamington Spa for the day for £3.65 each way with Chiltern Railways. There’s a lot of amazing architecture there so it’s well worth paying a visit if you get a chance. Check my stories for more photos before they disappear.
Ludgate Hill, City of London. This was taken on Sunday evening, which is the best time to take photos in the City without having some banking geezer or geezette in a suit from Essex or Kent getting in the way.
Whilst on my Sunday walk I spotted the gentleman in front of me spit at this taxi and shout UBER as loud as he could. As he ran off, another gentleman - white and in his 50s, perhaps the owner of the cab - appeared from one of the houses in his underpants, waving his fists shouting “I’ll ‘ave you, I’ll ave you I will”. It was quite entertaining. Anyway, I’m posting photos on my stories in realtime if you want to have a look.
Here’s one taken in Newcastle a few years ago! I’ve been going through some of my photos and noticed that I’ve got I’ve 40k of them which are pretty good but not on here, so I thought from time to time I’ll upload them in 3s so they don’t go to waste.
Scotrail train from Glasgow via Carlisle at Newcastle Station
We’ve travelled up to Cambridge for the day, check out the pics on my stories, or not, no pressure.
Why Rye? Why? Don’t Cry Rye, Don’t Cry. Eye Spy with my little Eye something rhyming with Rye? Tie? No, Thigh. Bye. #Rye
Made my way to Church Street Market, NW8 earlier today, check out my stories for more photos.