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A day or two ago hubby threw a moldy head of cauliflower in the garden, today Sasha has decided she eats cauliflower! Strange, a dog that likes meat and veg! #dog #bluedog #cattledog

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Look what has bloomed today!
It was given to me flowering and this is the first re-bloom. #orchids #lookslikeaface
Sunday's are for Adventure, blazed a road unknown to us. Stunning scenery! #fnq
Beer at Irvinebank pub, haven't been out there for a while. I must have stolen their last white styrofoam holder marked with "Property of Irvinebank Tavern. I wasn't interested in these.😂
Half way through the second week and I'm on my last pile. #teacherlife #whatholiday #domarkingfairiesexist
What the ... do my year 3 kidlets do with their chair bags?
One distant rumble of thunder reduced Sasha the Brave to a quivering mess. I wrapped her up and we laid on the lounge. #kelpiecattle
I'm exhausted today, beyond exhausted actually. I've had a huge week with my 25 year 3 children (amazingly beautiful class BTW), goal setting interviews and Mulgrave netball team training. I've been at work at least 10hours each day this week with the exception of today, (only 9)
However, today I was given chocolate cupcakes with fresh cream centres by the most amazing lady. It's worth it!
#lovemyjob #teacherlife
#chanelno5 I bought some perfume today, have been sparingly using mine for a couple of years now. Thanks to my mum and dad for the gifts cards I've been saving.
I've just read my 2017 first Friday reflection writing. In 2017 I intend to reply to each one. We didn't set goals today, just reflection but oh, the places we will go!
#classroom2017 #teacherlife #aussieteachersofinstagramsecretsanta #aussieteachers
#classroom2017 #teacherlife #aussieteachers #aussieteachersofinstagramsecretsanta #teacherchairs I rescued a pair of chairs (only wanted one but couldn't bare to separate them) I do have a purpose for both in mind...
#classroom2017 #teacherlife #aussieteachersofinstagramsecretsanta #aussieteachers Today I strung my balloon from Spotlight and some 'balloon like' decorations (Christmas ones!) from the ceiling as a see through screen as you walk through my classroom door. Many people would think I was crazy insane but I just love classroom set up time.
Now that both chairs have been seen by their teachers... My bestie and I did some op shopping and made some purchases from Spotlight and created these two #teacherchairs A whimsical, ribbon and lace, painted grey with vintage elephant buttons and a funky cushion and a bold super hero chair with a cape.
It was fun to create them but absolutely amazing to gift them. #aussieteachers #aussieteachersofinstagramsecretsanta #teacherlife #classroom2017