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bb_yaya 284w ago
I Love You, Sacramento

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bb_yaya 23h ago
Salinas, you're pretty tight. I saw pumpkins types I didn't even knew existed.
bb_yaya 23h ago
My mother and father are the only people I know who would go out of their way to pick 1700 lbs of pomegranates to give away to their friends and family. If you want some, I took a few home with me, holler
Watch for talking ahead of yourself today, dear Libra. Be sure you're "all in" before revealing something or making a commitment. Part of you wants to spill all, and another part is more withholding or private, and you can't please both sides. With the Moon changing signs today, your emotional attention turns to friendships, social life, happiness, hopes, and happiness goals. Recognize your needs to mingle now for best results, as this is a natural part of the larger lunar cycle. Keeping an open mind and your options open can invite positive, interesting experiences. #DearLibra
This is us driving back from Calistoga not to long ago, it makes me both so sad and so happy to even have known what it was like
A quick special shout out (and early #tbt) to this lovely man right here who helps me deal with my stress nightmares, fixes my phone, cooks dinner every night, coaches Jules soccer team out of the kindness of his heart, buys me things I want but don't need and is always down to help others. Plus look at that mustache.
I did it, I grew out my eyebrows and my bangs, fucking finally
With Venus and Saturn forming a square this morning, we may feel a little discouraged on a social level if we don't receive the feedback we crave. Gaining what we want is challenging under this influence, possibly due to negative expectations or a tendency to need more than what is currently, and realistically, possible. Difficulties socializing can occur if we are a little more sensitive to rejection than usual. There may be a lesson or reality check when it comes to matters of the heart, pleasures, or finances. We're unlikely to be free or generous with money or our hearts now. Mercury and the Sun form a superior conjunction today, aligning in the sign of Libra. We are exceptionally sharp, communicative, and open at this time, as our wants are aligned with our thoughts. What we say or write now has an impact, for better or for worse! This is a good time to fill in the details of recent ideas that have been forming and for turning recent emotional discoveries into something useful and workable. #DearFriends
My shitty moon contributions for the night
My Jackie G, may this year be grand and good to you, happy birthday love
Listening to Liquid Liquid and the Jellies who wants to grab a drink why am I still at work someone save me mezcal please okay see you soon
A special thanks to all the mommas who made it out last night, may the world be kind to us always
I'm turning 35, come kick it with me at Press Club tomorrow night
Busted my knee open eating shit, but at least I looked good as I went down #matchymatchy