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Hahah, oh goodness.
I was so awkward and embarrassed because @waxthafedi INSISTED I let him take a photograph of me next to the #flowerpower sign.
I'm so happy you captured this moment. You would always take candid snapshots and its so sweet, and kinda creepy. If anyone else did that I would weirded out. Lmao
Thank you for the most amazing birthday weekend ive ever had. You are somethin' special, and I'm so thankful to have the chance to get to know you.
AW! omg super gsy. im sorry, I just miss you and our hilarious, super weird, super comfy hangs.
#Fuckinflower #loversandfriends lmao that tag 😅 #wax #flower #girlswithdreads #dreadhead
If I could start again, A million miles away..
I would keep myself.
I would find a way.
I've got an idea;
You should get a tattoo that says,
"Warning," thats all. Just a warning.
So the potential victim
Can take a left and save breath,
And avoid you,
sober and upset
in the morning.
#lucyford #fuckyoulucy #warning. #atmosphere
Everytime you try to forget who I am,
I'll be right there to remind you again.
You mustn't have to
Make them want you
They must want you themselves

#milkandhoney #healing
There is Such promise in life, in myself. Its amazing.
Wow did I just say that?
The mane has really come into her own nowadays, hadn't she?
I am given the confidence I needed to be my own person and to never be ashamed of my story.
They are my roots.
we are grounded.
#girls with dreads #dreadhead #dreadlock
He thinks he's grown! Hahah I just love seeing him do all the silly things he does, it's the most magical thing knowing this ray of light is who he is because I did what I was supposed to. He is such a pleasant toddler, and I get nothing but compliments on his personality
He brings so much light to everyone he meets, thank you for reminding me that although I am where I am, I was everything you needed me to be.
and I still am.
Man, it would suck to have an ugly kid. ☺️you're welcome world😉
Longest relationship yeeet, I'm surprised we've stuck together this long. Probably just cause they can't run from me😂
#dreadhead #girlswithdreads #dreadlocks #dreads