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No Internet in castle 0/10 would not walk to again.
Suffering in it's finest form. If anyone knows how to breakdown and reassemble a V3 gearbox, be my guest.
Who needs friends when I can sit alone and Clorox wipe my arms down!
Maybe this is why people don't talk to me.
May or may not be a reason why I love this song.
What I have worked and strived for all my life. Thank you mom, Dad, and the almighty lord baby Jesus.
Moooooooooooooooore music, say the two people that look at my profile (mom & dad)
All these people are making PicFlows of what they're thankful for I'm going for originality here on this list:
Thankful for...
•Not living in North Korea •The fact that baby Jesus made the smell for opening an old book like mmmmmmmm
•Queer Eye for the Straight Guy
•But serious North Korea I need the interwebs
•Pumpkin Pie
•Whoops hungry again
•Oooh need more list
•Twenty one pilots
•Oh and my friends and family too •Oh and Jack in the picture he's too cool 👌

Happy Thanksgiving!
So much hipster in one album but I mean it's too good.