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kdnlove 284w ago
Post Tracy Anderson transform workout. #geesh

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After a long day of doctors appointments, and hair trimmings, we need a short break to let my heart and lungs rest before going to the pharmacy. Luke is a good helper.
Driving to Kansas to see me nephews 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦
This is how Luke is spending his Sunday afternoon rest time. Chomping in my face. He says it's so he'll stay awake and practice alerting while I'm asleep. Good work, buddy. 🐶 #servicedog #type1 #t1d #dad
Hanging with Luke at the Emery VIP pre-show
We want to go back :( It's the perfect vacation for me with all of my diseases.
Found a cute new spot for portraits last weekend. Luke is modeling.
The queen herself, Moksha Leigh Love 💕#dogday