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Big sister is home for a few days and little sis, isn't letting her go. #stinkerbell #smartgirl
  • Love that tight bear hug!!!

  • love.myna 284w ago

    😍too sweet 💗

  • Melts my heart. Love love love....

  • @rockymountaingirl I know. I love how she holds on with everything she has.

  • @mynaburd @javinsmama I was always worried because I wanted her to have a sister. Between #smartgirl joining our family and @bumblingbav 's girls, she has all the sister love she could ever need.

  • Aww so nice

  • @caygraylomomma That is so awesome. Boogie is the same way when his sister is here but b/c we have joint custody, it's not all the time and my heart breaks a little every time she leaves and he cries. Hubbs and I have been trying for a few years for another but we might need to look into adoption soon...

  • @javinsmama we've had nine kids from all over the world come live with us over the years. They all come and are taken in to the family. Some we have lost touch with, but four are our kids from other parents. Even though they have moved out and moved on, they keep coming home and they always know wherever we are, they are home.

  • 😘😘 I knew you were amazing as soon as I "met" you...I love that! I love that those beautiful kids have a home- forever. 💗💗

  • @javinsmama aw joy such kind words. I think though I've just been blessed with getting to raise some amazing humans, both from me and borrowed from others.

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This morning, I walked down the hall to my bedroom, my door was closed, and for one brief moment I forgot that this beautiful girl was gone. Our mind plays these crazy tricks on us. I expected her to be there and when I opened the door, she wasn't and it hit like a flood, a heavy, ugly cry. I don't know how 12 and a half years went so fast. There is a hole in our house where she once was. Our hearts are made to break, and go back together though. Our new furry girl joins our family in a couple of weeks. We are so looking forward to bringing her home. Until then we are grateful for friends that share their dogs so our house hasn't been completely dogless. No pup can replace our girl. I can't stop wanting her back, but while she can't be replaced, the loving joy that is a dog comes in all shapes, sizes and breeds, and we look forward to our next adventure. I wish our new girl could have met Ellie, but I'm just glad for all the photos we have of her, the jar of fur stinkerbell collected, the handkerchief that still carries her sweet stinky smell. #snots #snotsthedog Photo taken last month-she still looks like a puppy.
Daily reminder that in this life, a village built on love first, is everything. 📷 @breannepoole thanks for taking a pause and a snap to remind me.
She was born in Canada which means a lot when it comes to the choices, freedoms, and opportunities available that I strive to teach her are her privilege, not to be taken for granted. From this view, we must remember that as far as we've come in our society, until we are all equal none of us will be truly free. We are the human race. We can still do better. #internationaldayofthegirlchild
We think too much and feel too little. We talk to much and run from ourselves. We occupy our mind with noise and miss love. We sleep, awake, scared and distracted. We need each other. We are meant to love, to connect to feel, but we hide, within the expectations of others, from each other, and ourselves. #slowdown #breathe #stopbeingwhoyouthinkyoushouldbe
Roots winding through an unexpected anchor, in a place that became, an unexpected home / inspiration found, in a forgotten dream that became a life's work / joy and laughter thrive beneath the comfort of stormy skies, because always there is sunshine if you believe / where there is love and family to choose, there are riches that can not be held by walls / understanding that all we control in this life is the love we give, and sunrise, laughter, breathing, heartache, pain and struggle are just a handful of the gifts given each day / love is the answer, and thank you is not enough to contain the gratitude, but it is what there is to make the effort / living in love, forever dreaming, forever inspired....grateful.
#thetalentedmrripley knows how to work his angles, both literally and metaphorically.
Two Roses...I love my Grandma's stories. They all start like, "We were driving on the border of Italy, and France, and Switzerland..." Tonight's tales were as always, incredible. Now I'm on a quest to find a road that winds through Italy, France, Switzerland and Austria, because at one point on this earth there was one, and you had one glass for the drinks they served at the stops along the way, you kept your glass, and turned it in at the last stop. #68daysofbliss
#thetalentedmrripley has claimed this space as his own now. He's a little lost, and a little more affectionate than usual. Good thing he's the most dog-like cat I've ever met, because right now he's double cast as both family cat and family dog. #68daysofbliss
Today our beautiful princess #snots went through her morning hellos and then laid herself down in our bedroom in her favourite spot, on her favourite blanket and quietly left this earth. We are so grateful we got twelve and a half years with her sweet, gentle, loving, playful soul. While my heart is broken, I'm so very grateful that she found her way into our lives. #68daysofbliss
When your feet don't touch the earth/you can't feel the things that hurt/here it's safe, in this place/above the clouds --Finding Neverland
Going to watch It. I'm scarrrred already.
Some days I check to make sure I still have curls.
Everyone up early...somewhere to be except princess #snots who's working at being one with the couch. #68daysofbliss