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  Posted: May 2, 2012 8:58 PM FEED
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Sunset at the beach of Zhu Wei - Taoyuan. This place is near my home, which makes it a constant non stop spot for sunsets and sunrises 📷 Sony A7RII 📸
Beautiful view of Taipei 101 !
📸Sony A7RII
🔭16-35 F4 Zeiss
📍 Taipei - Taiwan ▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️
🐥 Tag a friend 👫👬👭!
Beautiful sunset at this Kuala Lumpur temple ~
It is also the most famous place for weddings prayers, or wedding photography ! Love how this traditional architeture shocks with modern buildings on the background ! Is like the past and present blended together ! ⏱📍天后宮
📸Sony A7RII, 16-35 zeiss
Amazing blue hour at Singapore Gardens by the Bay ~ thanks so much dear @dotzsoh @dotzsoh2 for bringing me to so many great spots !
Had so much fun and this trip will be unforgettable !

Gardens by the bay
Sony A7RII ~ 16-35 Zeiss
After a busy day walking around the city, take time to enjoy the beautiful sunset of Hong Kong 🌆🌅 ~ do not forget to watch the Symphony of Lights everyday at night ! Amazing way to start the night ~ 🌃
Amazing Petronas Towers ! Shot taking from a nightclub across the park !
Drive it slow ~
慢慢開車 ~
Tainan's warm sunset
Posted: Jul 19, 2017 10:15 AM
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Amazing Hong Kong at night!
Sky100 in Hong Kong ! Totally recommend to everyone that visits the city ~ go around 4pm to enjoy the daylight, catch up the breathtaking sunset, and count all the city lights at night ! My daily life acc 👉 @tienuyan 🔥
Posted: Jul 12, 2017 6:32 AM
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Going up to the Casino Genting Highlands in Malaysia !
Walking around the streets of Tainan, this cat was resting on the wall. As he saw me, he stood up and looked at me with a very proud and self confident eyes. I couldn't hold my self and decide to portrait his expression. His wounded right ear just shows how life is hard for a street cat. Keep it up buddy !
View from the Sky 100 observation deck in Hong Kong ! Amazing 360 view from its clear big windows. Remember to bring extra tshirt to wrap your lens close to the window glass to avoid reflections !
Posted: Jun 5, 2017 10:58 AM
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香港很美的水庫!在那邊爬山差一點迷路 ~ 手機快沒電,水也喝光了。好刺激的經驗😂,這張照片裡有一個人!你找得到嗎?他在做什麼?
Find the person in the picture !
Street lamps of Taiwan's most traditional city, Tainan. The whole place breathes history, and every step at every corner you can feel some sort of asian "vintage" on the walls, on the stores, on the design and architecture of this place. 10 stars out of 10 for a place to visit and have a deep understand about oriental culture.
Shot of Taiwan's Super Moon in Tai Dong ! 台灣超級月亮,台東!
Beautiful night at Taipei Memorial Hall!