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Pumpkin chocolate chip muffins for the kids, more banana bread beer for me! #newtradition

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When your baby girl stops by to say hi and you both realize you have colored your hair an exact ombré in reverse 😂👯💚💙💜💜💙💚
Any meal I get to eat, even the humble eggs sunny side up with buttered toast, feels like an indulgent banquet fit for a queen when I'm not the one making it 😂😍🍳🥖💓
Life with a #mainecoon 😅 these grooming mitts are wonderful when you have a cat that is very particularly guarded about her personal space. I get about 10 good passes over her fur before she starts purr hissing at me. 😂 now if they only had something like this for teenagers that don't like to shower...
I have a hard time seeing myself in pictures for the last 5 or so years. I see someone less happy go lucky, more weary, guarded, haunted. If my life has a cycle then I suppose I started my 20's making choices based in fear: fear of being alone, of my ability or lack thereof, of making my own choices, of making mistakes on my own. My 30's were spent living with the consequences of those choices, and now in my 40's I am starting over living a life that I know I want...making choices and accepting all the responsibility that I ran from decades ago. It's been...difficult. 🙃 the path to fulfillment is apparently paved with facing everything you fear head on. Tough, but oh so worth it. Even if it did put a few gray hairs on my head and worry lines on my face. 😬💪🏻
I was going to buy myself a treat but then saw they were only for boys 🤷🏼‍♀️🙅🏼 #nogirlsallowed #kinderegg
Getting my #hygge on. heater on ✔️ cinnamon rolls baking ✔️ candles lit ✔️ embroidery project started ✔️ Ben Howard playing on Spotify ✔️ and inspired by this confusing winter weather in Fall, I have pine, gingerbread, peppermint, fall apple and pumpkin pie scents blended in my diffuser 😂😳🍎🍂🍁🌨❄️☃️🎄
✨Shabu shabu Sunday✨ I'm hoping that instead of carb loading all winter I can expand my cooking repertoire of Asian foods. This is tom kha gai soup turned into a hot pot meal and it is fantastic 😍👉🏻👅
So I saw a video of a cat toy that your cat snuggles with and when the cat purrs the toy purrs and the cat loves this and has a snuggle buddy forever. So obvi I got it for mocha to help with her cat borderline personality disorder. Except when it arrived in the mail we realized that the toy actually repeats any sound it hears. So we spent the rest of the night playing rap songs and making it swear. 😂😂😂😂. Cat hates it. Kids love it. 🙊
This is one of the first succulents we bought. Over time, and due to low sunlight throughout the winter months, she grew leggy and tall, not the way I thought succulents should look. So I cut the head bloom off, replanting it. Stripped the leaves for propagating so all she looked like was a tall barren stick that I kept forgetting to throw away. 😔 And then. Not only did the leaves grow babies, but the places where I took the leaves from grew babies. 🤗 And because they're on the main root they grew large and fast and I started to call her 'baby mama' and 'bad mama jama' and she's my favorite. Today I decided to experiment with creating a #bonsaisucculent with her...scroll to see the progress (and all the potential new #succulentpuppies!) 🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱
#mochalatte does not love our new robot friend as much as I do 😂🙀😾 #deebot #robotlife
Sometimes when I make my coffee in the morning I find my kids have somehow managed to drink through two gallons of milk the day before, leaving me without. So I get ice cream from the freezer to use as creamer. Heaven help us all if they also have eaten all the ice cream. 😂☕️☠️👺
Today has been spent huddled up with the kids, trying to explain things that are unexplainable. And then finally a tired question. "Mom, I don't know how to wake up every day and keep hearing about such horrible things knowing I can't stop them." So I put some oils in a diffuser, turned on Tom Petty (always and forever Tom Petty) and I tried to explain resilience. Finding a center and a peace in the midst of the uncontrollable which to me means finding what can be controlled and taking action. Finding the helpers and becoming one. Keeping a brave open heart full of compassion. Walking away from 24 hour news coverage. Speaking up and acting out for support and solutions instead of sitting down in defeat. "Is that why we've been going to so many marches and donating so many things this year?" they asked. And yes my babies, yes. In the midst of the storms we will be helpers, advocaters, activists, and involved. We won't back down. My heart is so heavy today, yesterday, last week...what feels like most of this year. May we all find the strength to be helpers, and support all those with heavy burdens and grieving hearts.
"Lady what did I tell you about trying to hug me before I've had my coffee?" #catlife #mochalatte #mainecoon #tortitude
I'm not kidding the carb loading is on! I added sour cream and choc chips to my #bananabread recipe then tripled it. Then sat down with a pint of #pumpkinbeer to wait for it to bake. #ilovefall 😂🍞🍌🍞🍌🍻🍁🍂🍁
I just noticed that this large bush on the side of my house is producing berries of some sort. Anyone recognize them? Are they poisonous? Can I put them in muffins?! #carbloadinglikeaboss #mysteryberries