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I love when old photos of my family resurface. This is my handsome Pepaw back in 1965.
The last two weeks have been difficult for Joe and I, as we've been in and out of the vet and #zsa_zsa has been on and off an IV.

This post ain't meant to be a pitty party though, it's a celebration because we finally got her diagnosed with what's been causing her pain and we began treatment today!
She has a somewhat uncommon condition called Addison's disease. It's when her adrenal glands are not secreting enough of two specific hormones (which I can't pronounce) that are needed to clear toxins from her bloodstream. 😐

We're just so relieved to have finally figured out what's been wrong. I can't help but tell the world, and also post this cute ass video of the cutest damn dog you've ever seen.

#zsa_zsa #tarashomevideos #bassethound #bassetsofig #basset #addisonsdisease
I wish I had magic to heal right 'bout now
Also impulsively decided I'm going to be social media free for all of August.
I find myself addicted to scrolling through timelines and stories until my thumb hurts, and it's not cool. After midnight I'm logging out of all accounts and deleting all apps.
This is going to be tough, but I need to stop wasting so much precious time. Not gonna lie, Pinterest is going to be the hardest to stay away from.
I'll part with a photo of #zsa_zsa I took in Colorado. #gadwellphotog I'll still be on ✌🏼
**friends - expect more texts lol
Monday blues in full effect today
Daydreaming about #vanlife in Colorado a few weeks ago, along with #zsa_zsa of course
πŸ“· #gadwellphotog
I can't get enough of this state. Everything is beautiful #coloradoriver
Today I've been on this planet for quarter of a century, so I spent it in the mountains 🎈
I met another mermaid this weekend. I spotted her from afar and had to swim over to her and say hi!
#mermaid #mermaidhair #merfolk #mermaidlife #mermaidforlife #mermaidfin #tarashomevideos