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vickyh1 284w ago
Trying to squeeze her face through the playhouse window!

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Homework gets more serious when you’re 8... working on her first Key Stage 2 project.
He still loves to find a stick to play with 😊
Moody skies over football practice this morning... thankfully it stayed dry for us!
Rhythmic gymnastics is our new Friday night activity. Just as well Lily and her cousin Evie are so naturally coordinated and graceful 😂 #notreally #theymostlytiedthemselvesinknots
She’ll be 8 on Thursday 😮
Plucking up the courage to walk under the “dark and wet” pier 😂
Yesterday we took a spontaneous trip to the coast to see the Blackpool Illuminations. We got there a bit early so had time for a wander on the beach too. It was pretty cold and wet so nice and quiet too #justhowwelikeit 😂
At least having to set off to Arthur's football match earlier than the school run this morning meant we got to #YSP early, when it was still quiet and the light was still like this 😍
Just one of many amazing doorways in Oxford 💙
We spent the day wandering around Oxford. This is Christ Church college, with its beautiful Autumnal foliage wrapped around. 🍁
Bedtime conversations with my boy ❤️
Dancing with her shadow at a wedding reception last night. I used to babysit the beautiful bride 😱 #ifeelold
Ice cream on a rainy day with @melissa_chance11 and @jonnydfarley's crew 🍦😀 Lily eating so daintily as usual 😆
Arthur and his teammates had their first ever league football (soccer) match this morning. They lost by more goals than we could count and by the end had 8 players on the pitch to their opponents' 5, but they all tried hard, encouraged each other and, most importantly, had fun. Arthur even said it was the 'best day ever' and I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed watching and encouraging our little team. #andialwayssaidiwouldntbeafootballmum ⚽️😂
Got rumbled catching a snap of her reading 😆