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lujj89 1w ago
I know which way I wanna go
lujj89 1w ago
I swear the music is dancing straight out of this photo and into my heart 💃💚
lujj89 2w ago
Some cookies are better than other cookies #delicious
lujj89 2w ago
Spent far too might but had a great evening with @jbgillick
lujj89 3w ago
This is it. The book I've been waiting for.
Having followed atticus for years on ig, watching him grow and grow, when the announcement came that he was publishing a book I could not have been more excited.His words reach me in a way that very few do; he manages to make me pause.
Drift away for a few seconds.
He makes me dream.
And this book. To say I read this book doesn't cover it; I absolutely devoured it. When they talk about soul food, this will always be what I need. It's taken me this long to post about it because I stumble over the words to describe how incredible I find his work.
@atticuspoetry - you nailed it. I cannot wait for more.
lujj89 4w ago
Where the green grass grows...
lujj89 5w ago
Being up early enough to watch the sun rise was fun, but it makes my brain feel as fuzzy as this focus is.
lujj89 5w ago
If nobody gets any coherent answers out of me today... blame these assholes. Accepted the challenge to add them to my current weight on every. single. song. this morning rather than upping one or two songs at a time. So small but so deadly.
lujj89 6w ago
A little #behindthescenes shot of what I've been doing this morning... Brace yourselves for a sappy post coming soon.
lujj89 8w ago
Hit a health goal recently and rewarded myself with a new workout top - taking it for it's first sweat fest today ✌💪
lujj89 8w ago
The river takes it alllllllllll
lujj89 8w ago
Some views are better than other views