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Visited a bunch of friends I never see yesterday. Thankful for friendships that are so much fun. Ones that inspire and support and challenge. This is Rolland at one location of his unreal cafe @dosecoffeeco GTWYC
This is something I’ve wanted to do for the last 10 years. I am thankful to be a part of such a dynamic family that accepts diversity and empowers all. This is the beginning of my ordination journey. I CAN OFFICIATE WEDDINGS NOW!!!! Remember that when your time comes! Note that I am able to do funerals as well if unfortunately you come into that need.
WOKE. But actually thankful for how this town has contributed to my heritage and my faith.
Brads ALWAYS a good time. Love that we think alike and be stupid alike. Keepin me cross eyed til I die.
Lols all around. 10 years been best friends with this guy. Stoked on every season of it.
Can't stop FERDA. I always gotta come back to my roots. Skateboards. Buds. Uptonogood.
Excited about our annual skate retreat to Run To The Hills. Huge crew from the calgary area!!! @theinside
Sucking the last life out of summer---NOMOREWINTER!!!!!
Today these two beautiful people get married. I am so excited. They are faithful. Steady. Strong and they love everyone so well. I have experienced all of this first hand. This union affects so many lives and I'm so excited to see it grow and to be a part of their community forever. Their love is deep. They are fir for each other.
Caught a lot of sunsets this summer. It's been a good summer. Winter please stay away.
Having a time. Slinging in the hammocks. Thankful for my brother--one of my best friends. #elratkingtrip
ELRATKING is getting married. I respect this man a lot. He has helped me through some hard times and is always willing to lend a helping hand with anything. He is the most consistent man I know and already is a strong father and partner to @seasul and Otis -- I look forward to having their family around in my life until I die-- faithful people are hard to come by and these are the most faithful. Thanks Phil for everything. Love you a lot.
Love this man. Love our early am chats. Keep the good ones close. #ironsharpensiron
So hyped I got a few min for a coffee date with long time homie @oldfashionedstandards --👊👊👊
The Steele family knows how to include a few more in their pack. Really thankful for how they always take me in and build me up. Rob and Sarah have taken care of my heart well over the years. They are the safest people, tell them the darkest areas of your life and without flinching - no judgement they surround you with love and push you to Jesus for growth. And. They know how to have fun. Gotta keep the good ones close. Love you guys.