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The October #TypeONegative marathon has begun! I didn't used to be a big fan of #SlowDeepandHard back in the day, but I really enjoy now.
It's time to get my yearly October tradition of listening through my #TypeONegative box set started.
Finally got the new @monolordofficial album! This one is one of the best albums of the year. These dudes killed it. And the title track is my Song (and riff) of the Year so far. #thenirvanaofdoommetal
#blinkcincinnati is one of the coolest things this town has ever done.
I've been listening to a lot of #MonsterMagnet this week. They're one of my all time favorite bands. #SpineofGod, #Superjudge and #DopestoInfinity are all pretty high up on my favorite albums list.
I'll miss you Pumpkins, but I just can't share your bleak world view.
When I was a kid, I pretty much disliked everything my mom listened to. I was a metal head by age 10, so I wasn't into her 'oldies' music at all. Except for Tom Petty. She bought his Greatest Hits album in 1993 (I was 12) and I ended up stealing the tape from her because I loved it so much. RIP Tom Petty 😢
The #DeerParkMarchingWildcats qualified for Sate Competition for the 25TH YEAR IN A ROW last night!!! How freakin cool is that?
Back to back nights with awesome bands from #Cincinnati. @theafghanwhigs Thursday night, @electriccitizenband last night. They rocked it last night, and all of the new stuff sounded killer. .
#electriccitizen #ridingeasyrecords @easyriderrecord #cincygram
One of the best albums to ever come out of #Cincinnati, and just one of the best satanic bluegrass albums ever made. I saw these dudes open up for #GWAR the first time I seen them back in 1997. I had this album before that show and I was so excited they were opening, and they killed it. That was technically the first band I saw play at @bogartsshows. I wish they'd get back together. #hogscraper @shakeitrecords
Bobby Heenan was hands down one of the most entertaining people to ever work in professional wrestling 😢#RIPBobbyHeenan