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caldrew 200w ago
The Bumpy Vagina

This image is made from the art of @dkoons. Check out his feed to find the source.
caldrew 216w ago
The day when leaving the planet became an option.
caldrew 217w ago
There's an invisible intruder who's got inside your mind. Invading your sense of right and wrong - making your conscience blind
caldrew 219w ago
The band Yukazu from Berlin has been a good friend of Amselcom since the beginning of our label. We have been working on a release with them for over a year and now this EP will be the first vinyl release on Amselcom.

Rafaele Castiglione from Nuremberg has had a big part in making this happen, he took the organic vibe of this fantastic band into the minimal domain and added his very own groovy signature to it.

Our friend Pierre Garcia from France became involved by producing a video to accompany the A-Side track Pagaille. His story is about a superhero in a world that needs something more than just a hero.

Here is a 15 second version of the trailer, take a step inside.

Watch our channel for the full version comin soon :
caldrew 220w ago
A closer look revealed what my heart already knew.
caldrew 220w ago
Let me measure your inner temperature
caldrew 221w ago
Jadi Carboni in Loversrock - Good Time
caldrew 222w ago
Fracking is now available for private home and garden use. Please allow up to 5 years until extinction. The pictured device is only available in Berlin, please enter your location for a custom model.
caldrew 222w ago
Amselcom is giving away free downloads and 1 vinyl copy of our friends first release.
Share our latest post on facebook for a chance to win. On the 19th we are randomly selecting 5 people as winners.
caldrew 223w ago
@waldfunk asked me to sing this melody