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Tonight I discovered that our cat Archie loves 2D gaming as much as I do.
Sometime you wake up on a Saturday morning and decide to build your indoor cats an 8ft 4 story catio!
Obligatory view from the tent photo. Thank you for booking us the best damn campsite in the province @murrbird love you! #nutimik #exploremb
About 5 inches below the sod we removed in our back yard was the top of this lovely hunk of steel, it was surrounded by 6 inches of concrete in every direction, embedded deep in clay and I discovered it after already returning the jackhammer we used to bust the rest of the sidewalk. #iwin #100yearoldhomeproblems
"We'll take care of each other, and we'll all sleep together in a real pile."
Congratulations @spruds03 and @kmarnoculous we love you, and it was a beautiful wedding.