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  Posted: May 2, 2012 1:59 PM FEED
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It's gonna be a hot one today folks!!☀☀

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Our tiny human is 8 months old. I just can't believe it, where has the time gone? She eats pretty much anything you put in front of her, she loves puffs especially. She loves Moana and Trolls. She isn't quite crawling yet, starting to lift herself off the floor, but she rolls everywhere! She gets around pretty good in her walker and tries to help load the dishwasher 🤦 it is so fun to watch her figure all the new things out, but sad my baby is growing so fast! 😖. @ascott768
2 more "Scaremen" (their shortened name) ready for their new home!🤗❤️
A little playtime before she goes to bed!❤️🤗😘💜 @ascott768
GBO... enjoying this beautiful weather!!
Posted: Sep 30, 2017 2:15 PM
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We took full advantage of the nice weather yesterday! 😍❤️ I love my people! @ascott768
Batman comes out just before bedtime, here to save the day!😂😍 @andreaedmon @jjedmon21 @travelingnana @ascott768
My baby girl turned 7 months today... (Normal monthly pics to come as soon as I have better wifi) but she sat in her highchair so good tonight, and I almost cried! 😥
Posted: Sep 15, 2017 10:41 PM
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Beach baby!😍☂️🌊🏖️
Getting ready for fall/winter with this reversible scarecrow/snowman. This will be available on the Etsy shop as well... Let me know if you want one of these! 😁❄️⛄🍁🍂 ......... #handmade #handlettering #handpainted #lettering #fall #scarecrow #snowman #falldecor #decorations #decor
Oh my, that look!😂😬😍. The overalls and converse are just too much!😍