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  Posted: May 2, 2012 1:51 PM FEED
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#picstitch I love my team... #twisted Diner flow

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Yesterday was surreal to be back at #ACHS talking to the youth. Truly honored to be a part of this with @dstevensonthephotoactivist @shropshire68 and Bullock 🙏🏾 positive affirmations coming from brothers that sat in literally the same classrooms walked the same halls and dealt with the same challenges. God is Great. 🔑🔑🔑
Power in art @malcxrated pay attention to the details support this amazing artist support is key..
It was an honor to speak at Carroll for the Freshman Seminar classes led by @dstevensonthephotoactivist assisted by myself and Bullock. We dropped jewels and keys to our future leaders. One step at a time. #AlmaMater #ACHS crazy 17 years later speaking to kids in the same exact room that I had class in. Truly blessed this is what matters. "Keys Will Always Open Doors with the Grace of the Almighty." Duck with the oop. #hometeam
Work day...... we win together 🔑🔑🔑🔑
Thanks @coachk44 I'm working #motivationiskey "Keys Will Always Open Doors." When the OG's talk just listen...
There's a Rico in every state. Sometimes you have to send Ike Love to restore order. If you know you know lol. Moral of the story do you there will always be someone who will try and steal your joy.
I guess we are going to act like he isn't one of the best rappers alive DC and beyond. I've never been politically correct and if you focus on the music LAD was and is one of the best projects to drop in the last 5 years. We are going to win Lord Willing. No Hate all work. We all play a part Fxck the politics 🏆🔑🏆 I'm one 🔑to the puzzle and we have a full set. It's go time.
In Latesha We Trust.... Motivated by Greatness I promise to make sure my team reaches our goals. Whatever we are doing we are going to be great, and yeah we are going to do it the right way no clowns allowed. Hate isn't a part of what we do and we promise to help others on the way. That's a 🔑 for you. "Keys Will Always Open Doors God Willing."
Mya P's Mom, she gets on my last nerve but I can depend on her though,she's been my homie for 20 plus years, I think she thought she was Melo with the hoodie on but I love her regardless. This won't happen again for awhile D-Nice but I love you punk. Best friends till we argue again. Mya is still #1 though best Goddaughter in the world. You are alright Wade 😂
Posted: Oct 12, 2017 3:02 AM
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RepostBy @gooddeedsalim: ""Keys open up door" @chucktaylor81 ,this brother really got me inside of @underarmour building now it's a wrap! As a token of appreciation, @bklvisions and @_whimsicle decide to make him his logo In collaboration with our! WHOS UP NEXT? 484-769-5548"
We win together "Keys Will Always Open Doors." Support is key my borother supports me and I do the same it's no I in team. Let's go thank you @gooddeedsalim #family
You will never understand the plight of a black man in America : The Scars and the Crisis 🖤
One of my best friends got married today. We've been through it all and my dawg never changed. Beans got married. peace and blessings to you and Niambi I love y'all. Damn we clean up nice more pics to come it's a celebration.
Happy G'day Playboy continued success Peace and blessings homes ENEMIES ❤️x🔑🚪
One of the best placest on earth. 36 years old playing 6 straight games still got some gas in the tank 5 Wins 1 Loss and I dropped tough buckets. I'm old when all else fails the jumper and handle never leaves you. "Keys Will Always Open Doors." My man @jaycousteau played tough respect homes.