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"Let truth be an arrow, we shoot that arrow true, we shoot that arrow straight, for truth as an arrow will cut through like a flower through concrete when it seems there could have been no logical, it's possible -- wait!" - Stupid Cupid © ✨♦️💙2017
Holyfield keep your ears split for me.
Putting in some work on this personal project, only love for this one, a short story about selfishness and pride, and how life seems to always find us found after feeling lost for so long. My dog Native has been my model, also the Title is based on Native shedding his coat upon re-entry into Australia 2014. A lot of hair shed in the process. Anyways stay tuned. #theprincewholosthiswinterscoat #andfounditagain #childrensbook #2017
This tile work is so interesting. I love the colours.
Truth the one that superseeds the future.
"Let freedom be a Flower in Spring." - dp © 2017
Don't tread on me. © 2017 ✨❇️🌈Made with stamp pad, bicycle tire, toy car and one vintage movie stamp.
My friend Justin from the World Famous Band / Wilderado © Good Luck recording boys, #rightfromtheheart
And neither do I remember your sin, go and sin no more.