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  Posted: May 2, 2012 8:56 AM FEED
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I don't mind that there is photographic evidence of @brendanleenz pulling me most of the way up Lantau Peak on Fridays @barclaysmoontrekker - Team Work Makes The Dream Work! 😄
Amazing night out on the hills of Lantau for the 9th annual Moontrekker. 7th time for me, but first time as a Men's Pair after three years of the Mixed Team in various Team Green incarnations. Running with TG buddy Brendan was as awesome as I thought it was going to be.
A conservative start led to a solid run around the contour and a late surge through the monastery, over Lantau Peak and down the hill to finish 3rd Men's Pair, but more importantly knock 15 minutes off our respective PR's!
The beauty cool weather and wind definitely helped with that, but I haven't been so focused and happy running a 40+km race like that in a long time!
Congrats also go to TG superstars Mark and Emily for a convincing win in the Mixed Pairs, and to another fantastically organised event by William Sargent and his band of volunteers. A great evening's running for the Team Green Machine!
#TeamGreen #HongKongSportsClinic
Nice to get a solid Moontrekker strategy run with my pairs teammate Brendan. Lovely breeze but so many people out and proper humid still. Not holding up much hope for a nice cool evening next Friday but then it wouldn't be @barclaysmoontrekker I guess! 🙃Stoked to get in the pain cave with this guy again to help pull me out (literally - I'm not having him bring the tow rope for nothing...)
View from the new office has that perfect Hong Kong juxtaposition of densely packed city and open green countryside.
The Lantau2Peaks race (24km, 1800m vertical gain) has to be one of, if not *the* quintessential Hong Kong trail race. Such a fantastic course and one of the oldest official trail events in HK from @actionasiaevents. It's been four years since I ran it and I've missed the brutality, but weather gods were on our side today with a bit of rain and some decent breezes. Last time I ran this direction (anti-clockwise, they alternate years) was in 2012 and I finished in 3:58. Today, on a new course with 3km added I finished in 4:06. I guess that makes it a PB? Had a great time out there anyway 😄
One of my favourite photos from today's fourth edition of The Great Relay. Not the prettiest background, but the motion, subject matter and look of relief on the runners face resonate with me.
Unquestionably the best one so far. Not perfect, but every year we are learning something new and fine tuning and we are definitely getting there. Even the crappy early morning weather, rain and agro AFCD shenanigans (seriously wtf no teardrop banners?) weren't enough to dampen the spirits!
Thank you to everyone who came to run or support, and especially our incredible team of sponsors (@2xu_hk , @pureyogaofficial , @thenorthfacehk , @redback_coffee , @gweilobeer 鬼佬啤酒, @gonerunning_hk , @hongkongsportsclinic ) and RaceBase Volunteers who truly went above and beyond to create a super event experience for participants.
Go team @racebaseasia!
Bucket Hats, and in this particular instance the Salomon 'Bob' Slab hat, are awesome in hot weather. Multifunctional and perfect with ice as an accompaniment, guaranteed to keep your noggin cool in hot summer Hong Kong racing. 👍🏻 (photo by the excellent @sunnykayan)
Absolutely brutal day out on the Green Race Immortals 30km today for my first race since the HK100 last January! I'm terrible in heat so used it for a gear test for LT70 and was very happy with the results. Heat management good, pacing good, but legs not so good after Luk Keng so it was a slow and sad shuffle home getting passed by quite a few people. Not sure if it was the last race of summer, the first race of the coming season, or a pre-season opener, but either way the course was brilliant and organisation superb! Great to see everyone out there. IT'S RACE SEASON AGAIN! 🙏🏻🙌🏻👍🏻
My two favourites under my favourite piece of street art by @elsa_jeandedieu / @elsajeandedieustudio 💝
Sometimes you beat the trail, and sometimes the trail beats you. Our second stop at the impromptu Pak Kung Au water refill after a brief downpour sealed the deal and we cut our planned 40km run short by 10km. Good to be back out on Sunset and Lantau for an overnighter with beanpole, but goddam I am sick of this weather now.
Oooooh yeeeeaahhhh! Registration for Country of Origin opens in a few weeks so start getting your teams together, because it's going to be another sell out! 👊🏻💥
Running at night is fun. Running at night with good people is even better. Running at night with good people over The Twins and finishing at The Smugglers in Stanley with pizza from Paisanos is THE BEST. 🤗🍺 TRNC #5 was a good 'un for sure.
Couldn't have had a more bi-polar weekend for trail running here in Hong Kong. Yesterday was clear, sunny and hot. Today was rain, crazy winds and flash flooding thanks to our second strong typhoon in three days! Still, the variable weather conditions make training super efficient and testing. 💥
Finally had High West all to myself today, and what superb weather to have it back. Just like the good old days. 🤗
Posted: Aug 22, 2017 1:43 PM
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I've been meat free for a month now and I honestly can't say I miss it. Except for the bacon. I will always, always miss the bacon. 😩 This veggie burger from @beyondmeat was good. Not 'better than a beef patty' good, but had a nice non-grainy consistency and taste, the best of any veggie burger I've had yet. Thanks to @spcarr for the tip. 8/10 - would eat again.
I moan a lot about Hong Kong - weather, politics, noise etc - but there's a lot to love about the place, as illustrated well by this photo of Stanley coming off the south face of The Twins yesterday. 😍♨️
Nothing wrong with the views today, but it was a tad hot. Haven't hit a wall like that for a while, but I'll take it on the chin and put it down to not being fuelled enough. 😅
Introducing the newest member of @racebaseworld and @racebaseasia - Our CMO (Chief Milk Officer) Aelwen Rei 🙃❤️ Many thanks to @milospin and @awoowear for the amazing top!
9,500 kilometres away in distance, but forever in my ❤️