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Dreamt of Mantises last night. Then this morning, I had to help move this #prayingmantis so I could close the garage door. What does it all mean?

Sunday Walk. Cit-chat. Fluff.

#phoenixrising #Bennu #benben #moodyclouds #Sunday

Bennu was one of the most important religious Egyptian Symbols in the mythology of ancient Egypt, symbolizing resurrection and the rising sun. The 'Bennu' Bird was believed to represent the soul of the Ra, the Supreme Sun God and synonymous with the City of Heliopolis, Egypt. The name of the phoenix in Egyptian is 'bennu'. An important artifact of Heliopolis, was the sacred Ished Tree, the Tree of Life which was the Seat of the Bennu Bird. The sanctuary of the Bennu was located in the Ra Sun Temple of Heliopolis. The beacon for the Bennu was believed to be a obelisk topped by a sacred pyramid-shaped capstone called the Ben-Ben Stone.
Oh Jack. Haha. He became part of the park. ☀️The happiest Grim Reaper
Happy Birthday weekend to Matt! So happy MSU brought you & Mia together. You are her very favorite person. 🌱xo 📷: @miafdubois
Ink, granite powder, kale, earthworm castings, reality... but none of this is fate.

#inktober #alicephoebelou
Welcome Friday. I finally remember what you felt like 🐙🐙🐙 #flippersandcouch
This time of year I eat #rosehip & #buffaloberry in abundance. I’ve yet to make skin products. But I have used rose hip and absolute rose under my eyes for many years. Or should I say moons ;) Hope this helps you. ✨xo

ROSE HIP: According to one study, rose hip extract had reduced the growth and migration of breast cancer cells In the study, the highest concentrations of rose hip extract had reduced the migration of breast cancer cells by as much as 45 percent. The fruit extract also prevented the cancerous growth in the brain, a place where the breast cancer cells tend to spread to. Another Serbian study focuses on the phytochemicals present in rose hip tea. The polyphenols present in the fruit prevent the human cancer cells from proliferating.

BUFFALO BERRY: The American Indian’s use of buffaloberries, also known as shepherdia argentea, for nutritional and medicinal purposes is well documented throughout history. In addition to food and medicine, buffaloberries can also be used as a food dye or to make shampoo by way of the compound lycopene, and its acidic counterpart methyl-lycopenoate.
19, alone, addicted. Talking to a young lady on the phone about her alcohol and pill addiction she got into while off at school. She’s embarrassed, she flunked her freshman year at College and had to move back to BC. Her parents won’t allow her to live with them. They don’t trust her. She’s renting a room in an awful place and working so many hours, she feels like she’s going crazy. She mentioned her younger years. The “perfect” middle class family with every opportunity. She mentioned Kurt Cobain and breaking her family’s heart and being marked for life. As I listened, my hand drew this. She came in yesterday and hugged me. She said I was the first person who didn’t make her feel like “the garbage that I am” -Oh my heart. I gave her my cell number in case of an emergency and to text me her progress. She’s 30 days clean. Today she went to Delta to check into Winter classes. She has had to cut out all of her “friends” and she has to build the family trust. It’s a path. I told her to wait for the miracle. And I hope to see her again. 💛#community #daybyday #waitforthemiracle #inktober
Black ink, watercolor, granite powder, dye, preserve & self care
So many doodles flowing while on the phone with Customer Service or in a deep heart felt conversation with a client.

This was yesterday. Today was an emotional doodle. A conversation with a young lady. I’ll post and share for tomorrows inktober because I think it’s pretty interesting how the ink flows out in doodles w/o being aware of it.

The left hand speaking. Singing to me. Reminding me: “hey lady, keep singing, keep flying... be a bird. Be a singing-flying bird in the face of buzzards... vultures.

#ifyoureabirdimabird ;) ❤️✨ #unconscious #awareness #inktober xoxoxoxo
Happy 5th Birthday to my guy! I love you Finlay Wolf! ❤️🐺xoxo