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  Posted: May 2, 2012 5:05 AM FEED
1 Amaro

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Shout out to the mental illness warriors, you the real MVP's! Here's your day to shine and realize how ridiculously strong you are. Never let ANYONE make you feel weak, because you fight your BRAIN every single day to keep yourself alive. You are the strongest people on the planet and I am always here to remind you when your demons creep in. 😘🖤 #worldmentalhealthday
Happy 27th Birthday to this sweet man.

You give everything you have to me and our babies, and then you give even more.
You choose us over everyone, every time.
You support every wild idea I ever have, and there are a lot of them.
You teach our girls everyday to be strong, brave, thoughtful and kind.
You pretend my poems are good, you drag me out of my darkness and you listen to me recite every murder story on the internet.

Thank you for always being open minded.
Thank you for always being warm.
Thank you for being my light.
My sweet babe wanted to put our "spooky stuff" out today 🖤🍂🎃
Indie has @foofighters on repeat right now. She's stomping on the floor, singing the lyrics and is playing her harmonica. She's also slightly concerned we may have people our roof. #indienora