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This is so true though. It’s more than just a clever play on words. This year has been notably difficult containing lots of heartache, and struggles that have changed me as a person. Through it all, going to the gym and lifting, making that connection with my physical body, and pushing my limits mentally has been the biggest help, coping mechanism, and anxiety/stress reducer. We’re not all in love with fitness for no reason💁🏻. It’s Monday start your week off right, go LIFT! @beastsportsnutrition
The least I could do was take the time to write each one of their names. #VegasStrong

RiSE was incredible. Seeing all the lanterns float into the sky at once was possibly the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. There is nothing else like it. People sent their hopes, prayers, and messages to loved ones up into the sky, and the collective love and energy that was around us was nearly tangible. I sent lanterns up in tribute to the victims of the shooting, my mom, my grandpa Jerry, and one for me and @darrickdbeast for a better 2018. ✨❤️

It was an amazing experience and I’m so grateful we got to see it together. #togetherwerise
Come check us out at the @mrolympiallc expo here in Las Vegas FRIDAY Sept. 15th and SATURDAY the 16th where you can meet some of your favorite fitness celebs and EXPERIENCE THE HYPE! We will be having a bunch of NEW gear and surprises! @darrickduarte and I will be working the booth, you know we'll hook you up!😉 HOPE SEE YOU GUYS THERE😊💪🏼 #Olympia #GallonGear
Since I turned 27 on Saturday, Tia and I are the same age!! Until Oct 1st when she turns 28. 😊 #seester #irishtwins #gingerlove
We just sat in a car with no AC for 9 hours while the temp was over 100 the majority of the time. 😤😡 I have nothing to contribute to life but this happy face makes me happy so here you go. #pitbull #pitbullsmile 😍
#SolarEclipse2017 or Beast Mode Black Takeover?
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I am not the type of person to grieve publicly. I do not think it is necessary to garner attention in that way on social media, and quite frankly I think it is attention-seeking and in poor taste. But as expected, the death of my grandpa is not a personal matter and many, many other people are grieving too. I tried to make this as short and concise as one can when addressing the death of a loved one and then this will be the extent of it on social media.

The world loved him first. And then I came along almost fifty years later and had the privilege to know him as my grandpa. He also happened to be the comedic super-star that the whole world loved.
It is never particularly easy to grieve the loss of a loved one, and even more so when the whole world is shocked and saddened with you. You would think it would be easier but it is not. Sitting at breakfast Sunday morning it was on the TVs the whole time right in front of me. Going into Starbucks, it is on the headlines of all the newspapers right by the register. On social media, it is all over the general feeds. It is not easy. I want to say thank you to everybody who called and texted and messaged me on social media and for your outpouring of support. I was genuinely moved by how many of you reached out to me.

My grandpa was an undeniably brilliant, talented person and was clearly put on this earth to do remarkable things and to make a huge impact. As my brother aptly put it, he accomplished more in his lifetime than most people could do in two. The world that I was born in to had fully realized that impact and it was the world of Jerry Lewis.
Waking up today, on this gloomy, dark Las Vegas morning, in a world with no Jerry Lewis is something that will not be easy for me to get used to. Loss changes a person and makes you feel like you do not even know who you are anymore. My grandpa was a fundamental piece of who I am whether I realized it or not.
I never grew up wanting to be on the stage or “follow” in his footsteps. The arts found me and deep down I concluded it all came so naturally to me because it was in my blood. And as humbly as I can put it, I was really proud of that.
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