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  Posted: May 2, 2012 3:10 AM FEED
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The real 2 chainz #titties

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First two are Locke, second two are Lennox. Same age (4 weeks!), same poses, same outfit, same friends. They look a lot alike, but I think Locke looks more like @n_c_b. Thoughts?
3 years later TODAY we have 2 tiny humans, 2 homes we've made ours, (and mortgages to go with them) more patience and sacrifice than we knew we were capable of and more laughter, happiness and big huge LOVE than we could have ever dared to dream as possible. It all started with that inadvertent-Christmas-Day-misery-loves-company-set-up by @missinfo and we've been speeding ever since... I'm grateful for you (and her) every single day. Looking forward to the rest of forever with you, starting with dinner tonight 🍝. 💗💕💘
Last night I got to watch one of my brilliant published author friends interview one of my other brilliant published author friends. If you haven't read @angiemartinez's book My Voice you are asleep at the wheel and @gabunion's book We're going to Need More Wine is in stores today and also a must read! It's a mix of comedy and brutal honesty on tough subjects and situations she's faced. A real window into who she is, and why I love her so much. 🍷 ❤️ 🍷 📚
Lennox & Ever's toddler turn up, B.Y.O. New Lil Sibling edition. (Baby Atlas 6 weeks, Locke 2 weeks)
My sweet angel baby cuddle bug, @lockeraen, one day old here.
Introducing 🥁 🥁 🥁
Locke Raen Callahan (pronounced 🔐 ☔️ Callahan), who of course, not a day old yet but has her own IG handle @lockeraen 🤷🏻‍♀️🙄👶🏻😂
I fell asleep last night measuring how far apart my contractions were at around 10:30pm. Apparently, pretty far apart cuz 😴😴😴. At just after midnight I woke up to a POP feeling down below and rapid hard pain. I tried to pee and couldn't even though my bladder felt full enough to burst. The spicy Indian food I had eaten earlier was not doing me any favors... I called my doc and said I wasn't sure I was in labor but def had terrible gas pains and couldn't pass any urine and she told me those were contractions not gas pains and the baby's head was likely low enough to block my bladder, and to get to hospital immediately. So we called my parents in Brooklyn and told them it was time, and I jumped in a hot shower to try to stop the pain while we waited for them. The shower didn't help. The contractions came fast and furious and I realized I wasn't going to make it in time for my parents to arrive so my amazing husband dried me off and dressed me because I could not bend over and then put me in an uber at 1:05. The driver blasted Rihanna and hit every pothole in the city but got me to the hospital just in time for my water to break INSIDE his car, and me to barf OUTSIDE his car. He was a true NYC hero and just ran inside to get me a wheel chair and wished me luck with no attitude or annoyance. They admitted me straight to the delivery room, I didn't even fill out paper work. I was asking for an epidural from the second I got on the bed but it wasn't meant to be. By the time my epidural was ready I was 9.5 cm dilated and my body was insanely involuntarily pushing and I thought I was splitting in two. Noah, my encouraging cheerleading husband, made it there maybe 10minutes before I pushed a healthy beautiful baby girl out at 2:11 am!!! I then spent the next two hours in the operating room (no operating fortunately!) as my placenta would not deliver and bleeding wouldn't stop on its own. It all worked out though and I am feeling extremely lucky, happy, healthy and filled with love. ❤️
Dear @lennoxgrae,

At soon-to-be 2 1/2, you are pure joy. You are way funnier than @n_c_b or me and you make us 😂 all day long. You are also very sweet and caring, with your "I love you mommy"s or "I'm so happy to see you daddy"s or "I'm so proud of you"s. You held a real baby for the first time this week and were so serious and gentle my ❤️ burst into a million pieces. You are the negotiator in chief in our household and I have to say you offer up pretty compelling win win situations. "I eat all my vegetables and be a good girl and be happy all day and then after dinner I eat ice cream and watch daniel tiger". You also have the fake cry nailed - Hollywood watch out. You're a great helper, a good sharer (like, 75% of the time), love to play make believe, can "read"/be read to for endless hours of the day, have the need to understand what is going on around you at all times "what is her doing?", "what is that?", "why?", etc., have an alarmingly good memory and ability to put things from the past with things from the present to make life make sense in a way that is so fascinating to watch and makes me so damn proud to be your mother... Anyway, all of these qualities and more make me think you are ready to be an extraordinary big sister. I'm sure there will be some struggles and adjustments, but you are already a tiny role model to me in many ways and I have no doubt your soon to be little sister will adore you and want to do everything you do!
Thank you for being you and bringing so much joy into the world.
When I was pregnant with Lennox, @aprilbellephotos took mostly pics of just me, and a few with Noah too, which made sense cuz it was my maternity shoot, documenting my first pregnancy. This time around, I asked @glyniscarpenter to take some pics of me pregnant with #2 at 35 weeks and we ended up taking like two of just me and the rest all had Lennox in them, cuz, let's face it, she makes every picture better. This is one of those two and I love it because as obsessed as I am with Lennox and as special and intense and crazy as my bond is with her, I already feel a bond forming with this other little girl who I feel inside me all day every day (particularly when I'm trying to fall asleep) and I am so excited to meet and get to know her too. Lucky me. 💞💞
She kisses and talks sweetly to my belly all the time and I love it! (She also jumps on it sometimes which I love significantly less) #bumpday #tippytoes 📸: @furtherup.furtherin
We have had such an amazing run as a family 3! I'm looking forward to the next chapter but already a lil sad about closing this one. 👨‍👩‍👧-->👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 #39weeks 📸: @furtherup.furtherin