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Tonight we paid another tribute to Gianni #Versace and our collaboration with @williamvintage - 500 iconic collectors pieces (although a great deal sold out in the last 24 hours) now live on @farfetch #fortheloveoffashion
Sweeeet Caroline (bam bam baaam) good times never seemed so good... #paris 😀😀 @carolineissa
Candice and I. Superfly. 500 vintage #versace pieces coming at you. Exclusively on @farfetch with @williamvintage. Ps. My skirt - 92 bondage collection. As worn by @cturlington
Did I miss the memo that @warukatta is Australian??? Who knew? Maybe everyone but me. What a cutie pie. 😍🇦🇺
Hey there Mr Blue? Or maybe it's all over now baby blue? Either way, thanks for the hat and this is for you 💙 @blueaida #aidablue
I am no longer in Paris. Just like that. But I was just a moment ago and I was wearing this outfit which you could buy right now if you click the link @farfetch instagram. Just like that. Ain't life clever sometimes.