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kateloonz 284w ago
Yard work I love you :) #not #torture

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I would tread water at the end of the lake for 20 minutes to be here again 😭
RIP to having free days of the week... glad I got to check off a fall festivity with my guy first 😚🎃
You never know what tomorrow will bring.. but at the end of the day, you'll always find the three of us accepting and somehow laughing through the new challenge thrown at us
Just takin it all in and lovin every minute spent with you 😚
Bye life, see you in 9 months 🤓
African headbands on my Hawaiian babes🌺
Missing nighttime walks to visit these sweet things

Faith, Bridget, Harriet. ❤️
We decided the view of the parking lot beat the view of the lake after our accidental 13 mile hike today..... but wouldn't have traded it for a day without him❣️
Considering we've been crossing paths leaving the country the past 2 months I'm ready for late night pancakes in the library again 😢❤️ miss u
The look on a child's face when they see themselves in the mirror after changing out of rat chewed and dirt covered clothing into a new sparkly dress❤️
Africa, you've done it again. My heart is so full.
So proud of this coach 🏈❤️ can't wait to be your teams biggest fan (kinda sorta miss him a lot)
Thx pals for ridin through 55 miles of white caps to the end of this beaut with me ❤️💙
Happy 7th birthday to my favorite and sassiest big brown eyed beauty in the 🌎thanks for making every single Tuesday bright and silly