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sos314 3d ago
Car/bike show tomorrow at 730 S. Broadway, next to Broadway Oyster Bar. Noon to 5, cruise down and park your fancy shit. $1 burgers and full bar.
sos314 1w ago
A photo I took outside Apop Records on Cherokee St, Record Store Day 2013. In honor of Indigenous People's Day.
sos314 4w ago
Canoe shopping and location scouting. Next adventure is in the works...
sos314 5w ago
Awesome night with awesome people. Swam in a creek, slept on a picnic table under the stars, woke up with the sun.
sos314 5w ago
@__coleman___ is putting on a car/motorcycle show at the Angry Beaver downtown on Broadway on Sunday, October 15th, 12-5. Tell your people to bring their good shit, spread the word. Flyer by the one and only LeeT.
sos314 6w ago
It's amazing how three awesome weeks off work will make you never want to go back
sos314 7w ago
Great weekend off the grid with the ones I love. And I caught a 3.38lb rainbow trout. Take that, insert name of a famous fisher person.