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noski8 2w ago
"We're Kings Of Leon." ♥️♥️♥️ #KOL #redrocks
noski8 6w ago
Spur of the moment ideeeaaas. @aastews any of my fellow crewmembers love music as much as I do??
noski8 6w ago
I was in NYC taking a lovely walk along the Huson and then a skateboard was flung in my direction. I hadn't been on a board since I was about always thought skateboarding was way cool. They told me to show my skills. Even thoigh I only knew how to ollie haha. So 11 years later I still got it! Awesome meeting genuinely cool and wonderful people like these guys! check out their awesome artwork @dunnoskateboards
#nyc #aastews #word @aastews
noski8 7w ago
My mom and the pups are prepared back home in H-Town. ❤️
noski8 10w ago
Oh. Why hello theh Mr. Owl. Lovely night is it? I see you don't have any mail for me. #BarnOwl #HarryPotter #WhereIsMyMail
noski8 13w ago
Jackson Hole, Wyoming ♥️
noski8 21w ago
Playing and waiting for a light show from the storm that's near.