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With bonus songs, live cd, and a DVD? Oh you shouldn't have

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The power of communal storytelling is wonderful to witness. The energy from the crowd, the improvised performances from @matthewmercervo @marisha_ray @ramsiegel @voiceofobrien @willingblam @laurabaileyvo and the host made for an unforgettable experience last Friday. #critters #criticalrole #gencon50 #turduckhen
Adventures in New York City with the blessing of a traveling companion, @kendramichele__ . 6 days were full of travel, sore feet, good eats, sights and sounds, havens of literature and plenty of other experiences.
Strength in Our Streets with @officiumcrossfit . I loved competing with a tribe that is about community and a strong sense of duty.
In 6 days, I get to pickup my girlfriend of 6 months.
I could not be more excited for you to return and hear all about Praha. The journey you've taken is incredible and the work you've done while abroad, even more so. You continue to challenge your passions and improve in them. Seeing the fire in your eyes for linguistics or gender studies or art (all of of its various forms) has been a delight. A majority of our relationship has been an ocean apart, yet we managed to have time for each other. I wouldn't trade this for anything. It wasn't goodbye at the airport but a fond farewell in hopes to see you again.
Grateful doesn't do justice for this guy. I can only say that my life has been greatly improved by my him. I love my blood brother.
The Open has shown me the changes I've made and also where I'm weak. The purpose and execution of this event is wonderful. I'm grateful for it for challenging me and countless others. Until next year.
17.3 with my brother. It's an honor to have someone who pushes me to be better. Even when I manage to drop 135lb straight to my shin with my arm being pulled along for the downward spiral. 📸 - @thisisblakemiller
Even an ocean away, the waves of your accomplishments can be felt. She's a powerful force of nature with a mind to complement. One of the most incredible women I know.
17.1 in the books with N-ach Fitness