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@laflare1017 out here making all types of new fans yo! Do yo thang homie!! #GucciMane #YERT
Happiest of birthdays to my brother from another mother Nicholas Constant Green @areyouheretoseepop love you bro beans 🤘🏽❤️
This lil nugget made me TRULY smile last weekend, and haven't had that in a while! Miss my baby nieces! #MyLegsAreAJungleGymForThem #FuncleMJ
But if I was in a bank during a robbery, you best believe I'm making it out alive. 💅💅💅
You ever see something and know it was made for you???
This. Right. Here.
Playing a show TONIGHT! go follow the band page @cape.coma and check our last post for the details and come drink beer! #TheLoneRangers
#TBT ft. My moms thumb. ALSO! Playing a free show tomorrow with my band @cape.coma go follow and like our latest post for the details! Cheap beer and fried food 👌🏽
Happy birthday to the greatest big brother & big sister a brat like me could ask for, so proud of y'all. Wouldn't be the person I am today if it wasn't for you two guiding, Helping and protecting me ❤️ I love you both so very dearly 📠🐝
Another session down. Next is some color! Done by the homie @monzuki #ThankYouForTheHurt 🍑🙏🏽
Gloria Rodriguez Surfin into 55! Happy birthday mom #StoleThisPicFromMySister
The BIG salami mami, the grab asser himself, #1 ZEN guy of westchester county, the speaker of the Acid Tab Vocab, the galaxy running Planes walker, the 2nd Most HANDSOME man in a room full of mirrors. It me. #Big #Blue #Ball #Banana
I made a very sleepy @erickoston a double macchiato today, and kinda hype about that 🤙🏽 #StayWokeHomie