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landry21 284w ago
#photoadaymay #maycreative Day 1 - Self portrait

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If you only knew the feelings that put me standing here and capturing this view on Monday, then you might could understand why this is definitely a sunset that I'll never forget. But anyways, y'all have a good weekend
Happy #WorldSmileDay !! You may not know this, but I love to help people smile, and hopefully leave a positive vibe anywhere I go. Notice I said help people smile, instead of make.  Appropriate humor and positivity are powerful gifts, and usually make it easy.  Some situations can be a way more complex personal challenge that I have to figure out... and sometimes a situation will grab my heart if I feel that another human being seriously needs to be encouraged by a complete stranger, and hopefully feel that some people still care in a world full of selfishness and negativity.  My life has been hard, so I honestly understand the power of positivity, hope, and faith.  Everyday is full of opportunities to affect so many people's attitudes.  So, go help some people, and don't be afraid of strangers! 😉
Water FREE FALLIN'... this one's for TOM PETTY.  I love music, and it's always in my mind.  It's kind of like every day has it's own soundtrack based on the feelings that I have or want.  So, as a guy who dreams about and craves the feeling of flight and free-fall, you can only imagine how many times that he has popped in my head through the years... and yes, I do actually get what the lyrics are aimed at.  Fun fact... I think back to my last day of highschool, and I remember the feeling I got when I sat in my car.  I knew that I could drive away, and never be forced to come back... It was over, I won.  Turning out of the Senior parking lot toward the school gates, I heard some very distinctive guitar cords come on the radio.  I cranked up the volume, and Tom Petty welcomed me, and said, "I'M FREE..." 🎶🎶
It seems that I miss more sunsets than I used to... but that doesn't mean that I can't chase down some neon afterglow!
Hmm... I have the next 3 days off, and I'm thinking about a beach... 🤔
Happy Friday y'all!  It's the first day of fall, and I'm back from my journey. Seems like a good day to post my favorite waterfall view from day 1.  Standing at the edge of this 125 ft plunge fall gave a special vantage point of the 85 ft fall that it shares a pool with.  I wasn't expecting to find two awesome falls at the same time, but I'll take a 2 for 1 like that any day!  And, because I chased down all the best waterfalls and caves anywhere around me, I think I might start posting #WaterfallWednesdays ... Has a good ring to it
Cave selfie!  I'll just say this... I met two wild, unmarked, completely mind bending caves Monday... It was like "Fear Factor" meets "American Ninja Warrior", deep in a blacked out underworld.  There was no one else anywhere around, and reality went into a whole new gear... focus and light were the gate keepers of life and death, like seriously.  Every obstacle put me deeper and deeper, as danger grew exponentially... and it was feeding my intrigue with every amazing unknown.  If I didn't have confidence in my abilities, then there is NO freaking way that I would have squeezed my way through even the first tight, mystery obstacle.  Did I mention there was a lot of water?? The first cave had underground springs running through parts of it because it was feeding a super awesome waterfall on the outside of the mountain.  It was like another planet with no light, very tight crawl and climb spaces, and cold water passage ways and pools up to 4 ft.  My last vertical squeeze opened up to a strange chamber which I could hear draining and feeding the waterfall... it was beyond cool to hear the big waterfall from the inside.  THEN, I had to remember which all crevices and holes would get me back.  AND then there was the other cave... it was the opposite of the first one because it had way larger spaces... Way less crawling and squeezing, and way more climbing up, down, and through so many obstacles.  Long story short, I eventually heard and found a freaking, underground, 40 ft waterfall... super surreal and ridiculously awesome!! Hope you enjoyed my mini book 😉 Oh, and I've been camping in the mountains, and chasing amazing waterfalls... so many sights to share. On a cliff, gotta go for now
Dinner and a neon sunset... Always a good way to chill out after a busy Thursday
Happy Friday y'all!  I can't help to have Florida and Hurricane Irma on my mind... This was my last sunset when I was there in July.  I know it's not the best vantage point, but we were focused on making dinner when I saw that a rainbow had joined the sunset.  There might not be a pot of gold, but I still wish #Florida #GoodLuck
Happy hump day y'all!  I guess this is a good day to share a chill, mountain sunset from my total eclipse adventure.  I didn't need a crazy sunset, considering that I had just experienced an amazing, mind-bending eclipse... All I needed was a cliff to chill on.
Bohemian Rhapsody in a strong thunderstorm on my way home!! WAIT for the lightning at the climax!  This is for those who actually take the time to watch and listen to all of this awesomeness... Not that many will, but I know some of you out there have to appreciate a good collaboration.
While driving home yesterday, my eyes told me to swing by my closest chill spot... they're pretty good at being right.  So here's the money shot
When you're chasing a total eclipse, and learn that you're about 2 hours away from a 256 ft waterfall... it's a no brainer for me.  And, of course, I found my ways to climb down below it, behind it, and on top of it... that's my typical waterfall protocol 😉  Plus, while on my quick adventure, I explored 3 different states to find many waterfalls, including this one and 3 other large ones.  I'll have to post more later.
During my seriously packed out and amazing 2 day adventure, I covered 997 miles, and needed one last fill up on my way back last night.  I'll let you guess why I chose to pull off and get gas at this exit...
I won!! I'm so happy that I made my 100% come true... And all it took was A LOT of important details falling into place, and A LOT of spontaneous decisions up until 15 minutes before totality.  Now I'm 6.5 hours from my house, and have a 2 day mountain adventure to finish!  Oh, and sorry for the quality, but it's just my phone, and it's never seen a little, perfect ring of fire before 😜  What's important to me was that I experienced this amazing event with my own eyes, perfectly.
Relax... it's Friday! This is one of my recent cool spots that I found hidden deep in the middle of nowhere.
Understanding more about darkness is a key to understanding more about light.  To keep it simple, sometimes I explore darkness to discover hidden positives.  And... sometimes I just like to play a creepy piano in a thunderstorm 😉
Fresh from the sky. Had a feeling a good glow was coming