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thefids 285w ago
Mrs fids new bike

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thefids 20h ago
My phone put this together from my photo library witch i just found out it can do... #shieldbmx30
I had round 2 at @jimmyprattdmr trails 🙏 and i did not even crash such a shame its coming to the end of the trails season... finished on a hi stoked to do 3 in a row 🖕🖕🎥 by @simon_stannard 👊
Here is 26 tricks from my attempt of doing 47 tricks witch was live on the @sourcebmx facebook page Sunday night 🖕🖕🎥 by @creasemeister i didn’t think i could do it at the beginning of the sesh but even did it in 47 minuets AMAZING 👊
Im going to be going live on the @sourcebmx FaceBook on Sunday at 8pm uk time to try and do as many tricks as i am old 47.5 should be easy right???? TUNE IN 🖕 what do you wont to see me do ?
I got a signed CD from the man him self today @mcjackknife keep it Korrupt 👊
This is a regram from the @sourcebmx of me and John Dye back in 2008 on a source trip.... i love going on trips need to do it more.... 👊
Its been 7 years since I last road here and 8 weeks since i road dirt one busted lip and some heavy slams but got through the line so stoked THANKS @jimmyprattdmr for such a sick place and for capturing this moment my second time through #atmyage 👊
I have the best friends with in 10 mins of head butting my cross bar splitting my lip open at the trails @mrchinesealan puts this together 👊
This dude has always killed it from when I first see and met him 20 years ago always a pleasure fuck yes @sirlayos
Its been some time since I have seen this dude @mikeescamilla yes
Here is some clips from the other nights 30 min sesh turned in to 15 seconds im getting reddy to rebel run the battle of hastings this year 🖕 all 🎥 by @creasemeister #credenceskateteam
One from me hard drive this was on the way to the lost bowl jam one year
Found theses on me hard drive @over_roast roasting at Mabel from one of my trips to Austin 🖕