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vvgonz 285w ago
#thefirstpictureinmycameraroll My gorgeous Nephew after his second heart surgery. #foreverfamily

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vvgonz 18w ago
My Gorgeous Nephew I have watched you grow up into a wonderful Young man. Tia Vanessa couldn't be more Proud!!!
vvgonz 18w ago
I hope you know how much I love you Baby Cousin
If not last Picture says it all 😝💕
vvgonz 49w ago
This year I "found" you & It makes me so happy!!! !Happy Birthday to my Cuzzie Felipe!!!
Love you 💕 @ucancallmephil #familyovereverything #foreverfamily #gonzalezkids
vvgonz 58w ago
Congratulations to Luis & My Dad for finishing #pier2peak So proud! The #CheerMobile was in full force!
vvgonz 78w ago
Lopez Prims, Food Dreams & Happy Dances
#foreverfamily #lopezkids LopezPrims
vvgonz 85w ago
From the First to the Last I love being a part of the Godkids lives

A little DIY for Aubrey by Me

#foreverfamily #ninaduties #favtia #aubreymanroe #tagteamninas
vvgonz 90w ago
When I saw you girls, it was like my night was complete!!! You just flooded my mind with memories. #memoriescountless