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  Posted: May 1, 2012 5:55 PM
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London skyline from Primrose Hill

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User Image libertylndngirl Posted: Nov 21, 2017 9:38 AM (UTC)
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One day @lovelylettice's curiosity will take her too far. In this case her obsession with chasing anything that moves - cats, squirrels, other dogs, pigeons, leaves - nearly saw her plunging over the edge of North Shields' quayside into the Tyne as she chased an enormous seagull. I was also worried that she'd have made a delicious snack for said gull. We were having lunch @thestaithhouse in North Shields after a visit to the @Barbour factory and HQ in South Shields last week before heading down to beautiful Teesdale and thence to London for a lot of running around. (I've written up my bonkers week of so many events, meetings, and miles - link in bio above.)
User Image libertylndngirl Posted: Nov 19, 2017 5:38 PM (UTC)
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@lovelylettice and I are currently wrapped up in my brilliant leopard print blanket on the sofa whilst I wait for my Thai food delivery. It's been one of those weeks where I've not stopped moving. There's been a work thing each evening, I've driven over 700miles, stayed in three hotels and an Airbnb, had a 7am call time for filming, made a wedding cake for 120 people, attended the most glorious marriage ceremony, and had three photo shoots. It is utter heaven to have nowhere to go tonight. PS we call these Lettice's Tidy Parking Paws. She's so precise in her relaxing 😹
User Image libertylndngirl Posted: Nov 17, 2017 7:49 AM (UTC)
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Oh I do love a chocolate ice cream sundae @dirtyboneslondon almost as much as I love getting a shiny new piece of tech in my hands: last night I was shooting on the world’s first AI enabled smartphone: the Huawei Mate 10 Pro. Its Leica Dual Camera allows you to easily take great shallow depth of field pictures, and works beautifully in dark conditions: this pic of the delicious sundaes at the @HuaweiMobileUK supper in Soho was taken with no flash or lighting in extremely low light and popped straight up here with no editing. (The phone is officially on sale today - Friday.) #DinnerWithMyMate10Pro #ad
User Image libertylndngirl Posted: Nov 16, 2017 9:10 AM (UTC)
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It has been quite the week so far, from walking with Lettice in the Dales, and visiting the Barbour factory in South Shields, to sitting on the M1 for two hours after an accident, and then re re-immersing myself in London life with a series of press days and events. Special note to M&S for filling One Marylebone with flowers; when you arrived the scent of what must have been armfuls of mimosa drifted out to meet you. Their heady fragrance felt like a promise of spring, matching the clothes for next season in the galleried spaces.
User Image libertylndngirl Posted: Nov 15, 2017 11:31 AM (UTC)
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I can't decide which thing from @ukmuji in this photo to get most excited about: the hand-felted donkey from The Kyrgyz Republic, (who doesn't love a donk?) the excellent touchscreen-enabled navy gloves, the Christmassy candle, the grey yak wool cape (sustainable & super soft) or the fact that for £2 (or free if you spend a tenner), MUJI will let you decorate a festive paper sack with stamps of your choice in-store (look how tasteful my design is) and then sew it up for you, all ready for the 25th. I always think it's handy that my sister is called Holly - so festive, and I particularly like that the little horror won't be able to surreptitiously open her present before Christmas this year, thanks to the impregnable sewn seal. Yes, she is the one who used to open, and often, swap presents under the tree before Christmas Day. And, upon reflection, I think the donkey wins; I'm quite tempted to return to the Muji store for the rest of the animal family. #sponsoredpost #merrymuji @muji_global
User Image libertylndngirl Posted: Nov 12, 2017 4:16 PM (UTC)
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From London to the North East of England...Today it took me four hours to drive from Primrose Hill to Darlington and most people have reacted as though I was travelling to the ends of the earth. When I'm in America I take long driving distances for granted and think nothing of a five hour drive; why is it that in England we think a four hour drive is a huge undertaking? It was so effortless today - @lovelylettice snoozed beside me, curled into a tiny doughnut ball, and I listened to @bonappetitmag podcasts as we trundled up the A1 - and before I'd even begun to think about lunch we had arrived at the very impressive Victorian @rockliffe_hall (all arched windows, turrets and spires). We've been for a long walk and, now that the sun is setting, (winter is definitely here when the light starts to go at 1615hrs) I'm heading to the spa for a @neomorganics treatment and a sauna #whpfindthelight
User Image libertylndngirl Posted: Nov 11, 2017 11:40 AM (UTC)
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I've always loved houses full of mirrors. Not because of any overweening vanity, but because I love how they play with the dimensions of rooms, and add light to the darkest corners. Many of you have asked about the beautiful round mirror that was propped up on my mantlepiece: @habitatuk gave it to me as a house warming present, and I knew immediately that it would be perfect over my fireplace. Last week my father came down to London with a bag of tools and we finally got round to hanging so many things, including the vintage gilt mirror reflected on the opposite wall, (an early birthday present from my very generous mama), and the plaster and gilt mirrors that I inherited from my grandmother which are in my bedroom. It's immediately made such a difference to the light in my flat, which, whilst on one side is on the garden level, on the other is the lower ground floor thanks to the slope on which it is built. A shout out also for the @madedotcom grey Lief vase, part of a suite I was given for my supper party on Tuesday, for the ridiculously indulgent oversized @diptyque Baies candle in its chic black holder, and for the beautiful portrait of @lovelylettice by @Freyalowyclark. PS yes, that is a taxidermy badger.
User Image libertylndngirl Posted: Nov 10, 2017 1:57 PM (UTC)
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It's quite intimidating sitting miked up in front of a room of 120 or so people, especially when you are there to conduct an interview with someone whose work you hugely admire. This time my subject was the incredible two Michelin star chef Claude Bosi of @bibendum_restaurant. Happily it was a phenomenal experience; M. Bosi spoke from the heart about his passion for food and cooking - and cognac, and kept the room rapt with attention as he demonstrated the canapés from his Remy Martin pairing menu for the evening. (This picture above is us with our listening faces on, as we took questions from the audience after our conversation.) Enormous thanks to @remymartin who organised this fantastic evening as part of the #lamaisonremymartin series. #lmrm #rootedinexception #sponsoredpost @claudebosi1
So, with hindsight, inviting 24 women to dinner in my living room probably wasn't my most sensible idea, but oh goodness I could never have predicted how lovely the evening could be. I had been asked, along with a small group of London cooks and food writers, to host a pro bono supper party at home to support #shineforshelterbox, a campaign to raise awareness of the conditions facing people and refugees in the aftermath of natural disasters, especially when there is no electricity to provide light in some of the darkest parts of the world. So I set up trestles & benches in my living room, invited my friends, and cooked dinner partly from a box of produce supplied Ready Steady Cook Style that morning by @shelterboxuk's partners - listed below. We lit the room by candlelight in honour of the campaign, and I used the beautiful 1930s blue and white Coalport china I found in a charity shop last year. I have a lot of thanks to the people who made the dinner possible: to @madedotcom & darling @pat_mcnulty for the candelabra, vases, and for lending me two benches, to organisational ninja & darling @cbeeney for the loan of her trestle table, to my oldest friend, partner in crime and all round goddess @minimozartclare for making kickass cocktails and doing the door, to my friends @bombaysapphireuk @stgermaindrinks & Oglivy for said cocktail ingredients, to @zipcaruk for providing transport as I zipped around London collecting things, and to the Shelterbox supper suppliers: @hodmedods @riverford @thechocolarder @skinnersbrewery, and @stevalcandles for lighting the room. (And to my neighbours for their tolerance - the only thing I hadn't legislated for was the quite extraordinary decibel level produced by 24 women in one room 😹). We raised over £500, and if you would like to donate or even host your own Shine for Shelterbox event do check out their website for more details. It's a lovely reason to gather friends under your roof - and you don't have to invite 23 people! (Just make sure you check your dishwasher is working - it's quite the undertaking washing 70 odd glasses by hand 😳.)
User Image libertylndngirl Posted: Nov 8, 2017 12:34 PM (UTC)
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There is advanced coffee happiness in my kitchen at the moment, thanks to the wonderful event I attended on Monday evening @Nespresso's Regent Street flagship. In my going home bag were the three new festive Nespresso capsules inspired by sweets and treats, and the imagination and whimsy of childhood: Licorice, Snowball (coconut), and Orangette. (That's my favourite: which would be yours?). At the event designers @craigandkarl were interviewed about their cheering candy-inspired designs for the collection - those are their capsule designs in the pic; do check out the store windows too: their super colourful installations are terrific #joyineverycup #experiencenespresso #sponsoredpost
User Image libertylndngirl Posted: Nov 5, 2017 9:29 AM (UTC)
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Lettice has been mini-breaking with my sister for most of this week as I won't leave her alone for more than an hour, and I was out most evenings. So goodness I was thrilled to have her home again yesterday, after a bracing two hour romp around Hampstead Heath. We've woken up late this morning and are having some grade A Tiny Dog snuggles in bed before we head into town. (I'm recording @petergreenberg's annual London show at lunchtime.) Although I suspect that extracting @lovelylettice from my cloud-like duvet may take some time #whppetproject
A lovely Saturday morning lie-in...I'm trying very hard to keep my bedside table clutter-free so that the first thing I see each day isn't a pile of junk. Actually it's not a table, it's a beautiful Edwardian low mahogany chest of drawers on legs, which I found on eBay a few years ago for £70 - just look at that strip of exquisite veneer along the sides. I love brown furniture and really don't understand why people don't buy it these days. Anyway, using a chest as a beside table is an excellent way to get more storage and gives me plenty of room for my scent collection. The glass lamp is from Habitat but it must be, goodness, at least twelve years old - I kept it in storage whilst I lived in America because I loved it so much. That pretty vintage espresso cup was liberated from my mama last weekend (I think it was my maternal grandmother's - that's her in the photo) and did contain a double shot to set me up for this morning's sausage dog walk on Hampstead Heath. (We're keeping our fingers crossed that the rain stays away. Tiny dogs do not like getting their tummies wet.)
User Image libertylndngirl Posted: Nov 2, 2017 1:58 PM (UTC)
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Beautiful colours - love the mix of reds and pinks. Seeing these flowers at the @modusbpcm press day today reminded me that my house doesn't have a single living bloom or plant at the moment - apart from the cacti on my kitchen window sill which apparently even I can't kill. I've got my eye on some huge cheese plants for my living room - just need to get round to buying them.
User Image libertylndngirl Posted: Nov 1, 2017 8:13 AM (UTC)
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I'm sitting in my living room having my hair and makeup done* by one of the lovely women from @blowltd and thinking longingly of yesterday's beautiful granola bowl at Magpie @mgpldn on Heddon Street (they've just started a breakfast service). It's a sad truth that a vast amount of insta-pretty food actually tastes revolting but I'm happy to report that this tasted at least as good as it looked. Oh and they serve rocket fuel coffee. *I'm speaking on a panel at a think tank here in London today on the subject of the future consumer, and I'm fed up with looking like I've been propelled through a hedge backwards when I see the photos afterwards.
User Image libertylndngirl Posted: Oct 31, 2017 7:40 AM (UTC)
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Hurrah for winter coat weather! I got back to London last night after a few days in the country and the change in season really hit me. I'd also forgotten about the time change and because it was so dark at six pm I kept thinking it was an hour later - not helped by discovering at the end of the evening that every clock in my house was showing the wrong time 🙄anyway it's Halloween and I can't decide whether to get candy in or not - I have a hidden front door and I'm not sure I'll get any knocks...I also don't want to eat it all! PS for those who've asked, the coat and those excellent boots are in the LLG ShopMyStyle section xx
User Image libertylndngirl Posted: Oct 30, 2017 7:37 AM (UTC)
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Winter is definitely coming. Last night when I put Lettice out for a wee I could finally feel the bite of the cold when I drew a breath. Leaving the house without a coat, and eschewing tights feels strange in October but I've been over heating on the tube and feeling trammelled by my clothing, so I'm glad that the temperatures are dropping and that the first frost is due. It takes the guesswork out of dressing; you can leave the house with scarf, gloves and tweed coat safe in the knowledge that you won't be red of face and glowing by the end of the road. I also like the smartness of winter clothing, the neat coat and sartorial precision of tights and shoes. (And that underneath it you can hide the need for a pedicure, the unshaven legs, and the tummy held in with a control top.) I'm sure I'm not alone here...
User Image libertylndngirl Posted: Oct 29, 2017 8:13 AM (UTC)
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Things I've discovered this week: it's quite hard to sleep in a single bed when the small dogs get there first; that the worst of enemies can be the best of friends; and that sometimes silence is the best escape of all. Mouse has spent the best part of this week pulling @lovelylettice around the house by her ear whilst Letty just looks resigned, and yet when it comes to nap time they curl around each other. I, meanwhile, have escaped to the depths of the English countryside where the only noise pollution is the blackbird chirping outside my window and the occasional horse being ridden up the lane. Oh - and this was kind of wonderful - when I arrived on Thursday night I could hear a knocking sound and a squeezebox wailing from the Village Hall as I walked past to my mother's cottage. Peering through the windows on top toe I saw a very serious Morris Dancing practice. I was entranced but figured this wasn't for my edification so hopped it before they saw me and Lettice
User Image libertylndngirl Posted: Oct 28, 2017 6:07 PM (UTC)
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The clocks go back in England tonight which means that I'm going to be eating a lot of stews and tagines over the next few months during those long dark evenings. This one was a delicious mix of sweet potato, butternut squash and new potatoes (because they give texture as they don't fall apart when tender), chickpeas, blanched almonds and black olives with a base of slow cooked onions and Moroccan spices in olive oil. We ate it last night with freekah (green cracked wheat) and dollops of Greek yogurt and it was even better for lunch today - I'm sure all those complementary proteins are what fired me up to spend three hours cleaning out and organising my mother's larder 😊 #plantbased
A box of Fitzbillies Chelsea buns, the Tiny Dog, and @agirlastyle behind the lens: it could only be an outing to Cambridge. I drove up on Thursday afternoon so we could check out the new Codebreakers exhibition at @fitzmuseum_uk, and then attend the private view of the complementary show at the Museum of Classical Archaeology. Linguistics, mathematics, collaboration, Alan Turing and Alan Wace, Mycenae and the Bletchley codebreakers: do go; there is so much to learn. Afterwards we went to @steakandhonour for burgers and fries, and I kept warm in this gorgeous grey blue herringbone tweed coat given to me by my friends @insidejigsaw. (Everything I'm wearing is on the LLG ShopMyStyle page or at #liketkit )
User Image libertylndngirl Posted: Oct 24, 2017 12:24 PM (UTC)
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So shall we talk about pasta? Specifically the casarecce with pesto, green beans and potato that @stevieparle is serving up at his new place @pastaiolondon. Oh it is sooooooo good. Like Liguria on a plate. Off Carnaby street. We were invited to the friends and family preview last night and ate our way through the menu of deliciousness, from tardivo, pomegranate and pecorino salad via many plates of pasta (tagliatelle with wild mushrooms, garlic & olive oil was a standout) to end with a perfect tiramisu, and cherry amaretto ice cream *burps* (more pics & video on my InstaStories)