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Big jobs, little jobs and anything else in between. Got to love being an HVACR tech. Compressor swapout this AM with the #testo #550 gages assisting with the refrigerant recovery.
Paying our respect to Navy veteran @chris_roybal88 who passed away in the Las Vegas shooting. He is being escorted for his funeral precession in his hometown of Corona. RIP Chris.
Good times with the A Team this weekend @719june @miguelrmrz77
Rebuild 2 towers (shaft, blower wheels, bearings, pulleys and inlet cones), installed 2 40hp vfd rated motors and 2 new 40hp vfds ahead of schedule by 20hrs.
Full tower rebuild in this 28 story building. Remove existing high and low speed motor and install new 40hp vfd rated motor and add a 40hp vfd as well. New shaft, blower wheels, bearings, inlet cones and pulleys. Got 2 of these to complete before Sunday at 4pm with a 4 man crew
Another one to add to the trailer. Man we going to have a nice riding season with family. Can't wait til it cools down some more.
Getting better and better each practice
New 2017 Silverado. Hard work and loyalty pays off.
These #1957 series #thorogoods boots are insanely comfortable. Best boots I've had working in the field last 17 years. Best part is this particular boot is waterproof leather and as always made in the USA. Thanks again for the hook up @theunionbootpro
South Coast Mechanical
UA Local 250 Gardena, CA
Another one to add to the steed. This one for my 10yr old. Riding season cant come soon enough. #honda #trx90 #quad
Aubrey flying high at the LA County Fair
Hot weather, long hours, and hard work got us our new 2017 enclosed trailer just in time for riding season
Cheers to knocking Mayweather out tonight and winning some money
Movie time before the fights tonight.