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Finally something to fix my shoes so I can skate again! #picstitch #shoegoo #skating

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Electric Forest was seriously magical. Never in my life have I been somewhere that was so gorgeous, nor with so many friendly people. I seriously think that everyone should go at least once in their life. See ya next year if I get the chance 👋👋
Coachella was pretty cool and I took like no pictures so here's the few I did take
I dont post on insta enough so here's a selfie of da boyz from Vegas this weekend. Pardon my face im probably a little drunk in this picture
Excision last night was absolute insanity... i have no words
Little clip of @jacksjolander on the mountain today 🎥🏂
Went to my first wedding yesterday, felt pretty spiffy.
Nocturnal wonderland did me so good
Porter Robinson was the best set of the weekend and I wish I got a longer video
I think it's safe to say I love San Francisco
I went to San Fransisco last week and forgot to post this. So uh, here you go
What are you doing for yourself?