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  Posted: May 1, 2012 2:02 PM FEED
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GO BLUE! Taking our team spirit with you. Every time feels like a grand slam after a kick ass workout with our @studiomorph crew. 💪🏼💙 . . . #NLCSCHAMPS #WeLoveLA #gododgerblue⚾️
So doggone happy we’re taking a late night celebratory walk. Go Dodgers! I love the fan fare of it all. Nothing like sports to bring community together. I was still working when the game was on I headed down to my local Mexican restaurant with an hour to spare. And so were many others. I’d like to thank the bartenders @elportal for offering us all celebratory tequila shots. Even though I politely declined he was taking some of his hard earned pesos to pay. That’s what it’s all about. Community and cultures coming together. I love L.A. .
#NLCSCHAMPS #WeLoveLA #dodgers #grandslam #kikehernandez
Well if your getting wedding ready is there a better place to be? Thank you @karaleighconklin for the honor of being a part of yours. As I was on the way to see you I heard Jackie playing “It had to be you, “ at the piano bar here In the Tap Room. Perfect way to start the day. Wishing you and Virgil a special day of love and everlasting bliss. .
#ginacastrobeauty #hair #makeup #wedding #pasadena #whenharrymetsally #welovela #sebastian
I work well under pressure and so does this busy teacher of two. Haircut tipped with highlights blending into a few balayage pieces in the back and she was out the door in time to get her sons college apps started. It’s always like family when you see the generations grow and the trust they have in you is such a compliment too. .
#ginacastrobeauty #haircolor #haircut
“What to expect when you are expecting?” Probably a well deserved dose of TLC from me, and for you a little dosing off too. Makes me feel great when clients are relaxed allowing me do what I do best. Kristen was interested in keeping her blond tresses but wanted a contrast of darker blonde as well to give it longevity without the the trendy ombré/balayage roots. My formula consists of rotating every few lightened strands with a darker blonde semi permanent tone which aids in keeping her hair healthy and allowing it to fade slowly like blondes like to. I always recommend a shampoo to alternate with. This one by @love_amika banishes brassiness with the best natural ingredients. This will help in bringing her back just in time for her next visit around the New Year right on time for baby number 2. 🚸🔔
Sunday we’re coming for you. There is something so magical about this day. Especially now waking up to the cooler air. As the season starts to change I find myself wanting to enjoy a longer, leisurely, walk with these two. They remind me every day how blessed I am and to enjoy the gifts that are bestowed upon me. Especially when things seem a bit chaotic somehow things always fall into place, just like there meant to be.
Look who I bumped into amongst all the pumpkin delights. Alfonso and I worked together over a decade ago. One of my fondest memories was traveling over seas with he and other fellow hairdressers to catch some of our favorite Parisian hair shows. Like Fashion week for the beauty industry and the stars are the hairdressers that share their talent with over the top coiffs. It’s so wonderful when we reflect on our past that has ignited our passion. Just a few minutes chatting it up and I was reminded of how blessed to have had these memories that we continue to carve out like the intricate, timeless, haircuts, we give to our clients. And Alfonso you never age must be that smile you always carry with you as you walk to work ready to make your clients look and feel fabulous. “Education is key 🗝 #anthonymascolo #trevorsorbie #sonyadove #christopherdove #vidalsassoon #pariscouture #london #paris #eugenesoleiman #sebastianinternational #alternativehairshow #miami #newyork #intercoiffure #hungryhairdressers #staygoldenponyboy
Meet your future cosmetologists. Thank you to @paulmitchellschool_pasadena for the Friday night surprise. One of my most colorful memories early on in my career is attending a Vegas hair show where founder @johnpauldejoria thanked each and every person who left the room. I never forgot that. No matter how big and busy we are we should never forget those who taught us, and got us to where we are now. These are just a few of the students who graced us with their presence. Thank you for sharing your mad beachy wave styling skills set with a flat iron and curling wand. Because of you two I actually went out on a Friday night! To be able to make people look and feel beautiful is such a gift. Thank you for sharing yours with me. Education is key. 🗝💇💇🏻‍♂️🎁
Cleaner canvas = Flawless finish. I use this favorite @beautycounter Charcoal mist, one of 3 alcohol free skin brighteners as a toner, after cleansing, and before make up. I'm a big fan of less is more, so when I have all I need it gets me out the door. The flawless in 5 set is limited and also comes with a retractable brush. Perfect set for when you are in a rush. 🎨📲message me for more. 💌
It takes two to make things right. Just two hairdressers together doing our thing. Thank you @beautybysernah for sprinkling a little fairy dust my way tonight with your presence. Education is 🗝. #balayage #ombre #livingproofhair #loveamika #dysonhairdryer
Happy T H U R S D A Y! "Follow the youth and they will show you the way." 🌈💙⚾️
Who says you need to drink to have fun? Most of my cocktails at this time are mock tails. And tonight I had just one. The best Vegan nachos use to be at Taqueria here on Field level until they changed the 🧀 which wasn't as good, but that's vegan alternatives for you. Just like the ⚾️game, win some, lose some. Tonight we won 9-3 against the @padres. It was a good night.
We were in sync today and it wasn't even planned. Such a memorable day never forgotten. Unlike those twin towers that were crumbled to the ground may we continue to build each other up, not down. 🇺🇸#911 #neverforget
So much love for this little Cracker Jack. I still remember over 3 years ago when you first enlisted and we were tearfully bidding you farewell. Yesterday I watched and listened to you speak as you brought us onto "Your ship," as you watched over your little baby girl cousin and had kind words to say about every sailor, officer, and each member of your crew, you introduced us to. It was a reminder of how much love and respect you have for serving our country. Son, brother, cousin, nephew, grandson, great grandson, Godson. God Bless you, my nephew Tizoc, when you do what you love it's a true labor of love. ⚓️🙌🏼 #usnavy #ussdewey #lafleetweek2017 #laborday2017
"Trust the process." I've been fortunate to be inspired by some of the best, from John and Geri, to Fredy the Machete. Half of the time I am so critical of my work I fail to post but lately I am learning to take a step back and allow creativity to flow. That's when the magic happens. "Dare to inspire," the tag line from my @sebastianpro_official days always stays close to my heart and hands. Education is 🗝. #gericusenza #trevorsorbie #robertlobetta #philipcarreon #vidalsassoon #fredyarboleda #sebastianpro #wellausa #trucco #makeup #hair #vidalsassoon #oribe #sonyadove #christopherdove #anthonymascolo #nickarrojo
Welcome back to California LOVE. Nothing like a day spent with you and blue. 💙 🇺🇸⚓️🚢
We Castro's are many, and my handsome nephew is getting senior portrait ready.
No matter how you slice it, this girl takes the cake. 🍰Wedding cake tasting can be a tough job glad to be able to help!