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  • arnoldg3 285w ago

    Powwaaa pulley!!!

  • mk7louie 285w ago

    @volkspeed3 Haha yes sir. Any word when the vr6t is coming out?

  • arnoldg3 285w ago

    Ahh he said he's gonna start it up this weekend... Finish or not gonna pick it in next 2 weeks. :/

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Saw this - and I had to share. 😂🤣
In between class jam. “Now, there’s so many thoughts going through my brain— and I’m taking these shots like it’s Novocain, yeah”
Damn. After all the rain on the way to and from Austin... plus rain here in SA.. my car is still looking real clean. Chemical guys Hybrid V7 👌🏽
🤷🏽‍♂️ don’t judge. Sleep playlist. 😴😴 good song though 😝
Damnnnn #RedBeautyGTI... you clean girl. 🙃 #mk7mafia #mk7internationaldriversclub —� on a side note just got the ESPN alert on my Cowboys game. Fck. Glad I missed the game to wash this beauty. 🤷🏽‍♂️ #WeStillDemBoys 😏
Gallon of water a day/water only going good. I do miss my coffee and IPAs though 😫
For all my LEO friends out there! If you’re in SA- swing by for a bottle! Unfortunately to my LEO friends back home, doesn’t look like Feldmans have them just yet.
“Cause you, you've been on my mind
And I wish you were here
Beside me tonight lying in this bed
Cause I, I'm just not the same
I walk down these streets, I swear I hear your name
But it's just in my head
I wish you were in my arms instead”
For all my Bud light lovers out there. 😂
When the couch is comfortable but you’re also hungry. 😂 not to worry- he didn’t eat like this the whole time. Maybe about 4-5 seconds. #DobermanPride #DobermanPinscher
This just screams bad night with bad decisions. 🚫