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Well if you don’t understand what’s going on in this photo, do not worry, neither did I when I was spooked by some colton-masked wearing friends. What a strangely unforgettable birthday surprise @angelofwar planned for me - you are truly such a special person and you have the biggest heart. ❤️ ❤️ Thank you to all of my pals who wore masks of my face for 20min+ It was a great way to spend my Birthday, with myselfs. 😻Thank you to @dianeandmike_ for taking some lovely polaroids and for just being another pal in a colton mask <3
Well today marks a pretty special day. I’m possibly 1/4 of the way through life, I just signed a contract with my new School I will be teaching elementary music at, and today I received cards, a fruit basket, and got to watch @vulfpeck videos while eating Oreos with my kids today (all 175 of them). This is definitely a very new chapter in my life, from full time student to teacher in what seemed like an instant 7 years (a really slow and difficult instant). I encourage people to explore the option of becoming a teacher as it allows you to fully explore your passions and fill youngsters with excitement, wonder and inspiration. Thank you to everyone who has loved and supported me along this wild journey. I’d like to go into a rant about how music is everything and everything is music, but I’ll save that for another post. Take care ✌️❤️🏔
The @longandmcquade attic day sale is one of my new traditions. Last year I got a sweet Gibson rarity, along with my very first saxophone 🎷 ❤️ It is a lovely day and well worth the 1.5hr wait in a chilly line. How's your day going? #landm #jacksbargainatticsale #longandmcquade
This is tonight. @marketcollective has always been so near and dear to my heart. Check out the new location and an absolutely insane lineup of artists and musicians! @peoplearepearls are kicking it off, followed by @jaronswain , @simonmacleodmus & @emily.losier , then @jennybanai & @crackorart get creative, next @keshiacheesman & @thebiancanator wow is with their talents as we close off the night with our friend @evansmibert painting the night away. So stoked to play with @iamthemountainmusic tonight, Friday Sept. 15th 2017 - a historical day to remember! ✌️
@circlecalgary put on an absolutely breathtaking festival. I was honored to be apart of it and couldn't have done it without the help of some amazing friends! What a rush, what a blur, what a wild time at Circle the Wagons 2017. Peace and love ❤️✌️
🎶Well I've been thinkin' about talkin' to the ones I love the most, and telling them hard times are coming for both of us, and sitting around and smoking won't do us any good, we gotta keep our heads high and get out like we should into the world, it's right on your shoulders. You've been struggling now and then, but your friends are there to hold you. (Repeat) 🎶 @iamthemountainmusic - Its a special song about keeping your head out the clouds and sticking by your pals! 🗻
This is an ideal Mountain. Basically what you want is a semi-sharp peak with a slight hump on one side as to make it symmetrically asymmetrical. A light wash of white snow strewn across the top, with a dazzling lake below to hold on to, and reflect its beauty. 🗻The hike loop around Barrier Lake was breathtaking. As we trekked through the woods we made noises and stayed alert as we had heard about a few bear sightings/warnings. 🐻 Thanks to my main gal @angelofwar for taking me out adventuring, and for allowing us both to slooooow down a bit. ✌️
Grad 2017 - BA & BEd // Communications and Culture & Elementary Education (music). It's been a long 7 years and I'm proud to say that I am finally done. I am thankful for incredible friends and family that could join me on this day and all who have supported me along the way. I look forward to teaching young minds through an artistic and musical lens, growing each year, and learning new things every single day. The University of Calgary @myucalgary absolutely changed my life for the better. From the struggles came character, through the failures came knowledge. Always be on the pursuit for knowledge, never stop learning and challenging what you've learned. I'm going to take a little break, play some music, discover some new places, and enjoy being done university! #grad2017 #uofc #uofcgrad #ArtsEducator
Ps: I was told by Robert Thirsk that I had the best cheering section. Listen to that trumpet!! What a special moment thanks to @angelofwar for capturing it ❤️ and for @le.keath.dynasty for being my best pal & my #1 horn player.
(Colton Keath Mitch) Met a really rad dude today. He makes films and records musicians, it was an honor to meet and work with him! @southernsouls is his page, go listen to a couple @danmanganmusic or @bahamasmusic while you're there, and stay tuned for an @iamthemountainmusic video coming your way soon. 😻😻😻✌️👍
We're a couple o' beat up hockey buds. Being sick and sore together after our surgeries was so nice, and made the healing process a lot more relaxed and fun. I'm a big Washington Capitals fan and now so is @angelofwar I sure hope they do better tonight than we look in this photo. #surgery #capsfans
Way down I go. Had an awesome day with @angelofwar & @magnanimousmichael skiing at @skilouise - went off more cliffs, and did more 180's than I ever have in my entire skiing career. ⛷🎿
This is incredible. It's like being with the pizzabois chefs and the za chauffeur through their creations, and their journeys. One of the greatest things since sliced 🍕. @dominos #chestermeredominos
Listen to this band please everyone - @typhoonfamilyvacation This is one of my favorite albums of all time and I was fortunate enough to receive this lovely gift from @rollcallrecords and have been listening to it on repeat for a few days now. "Every star is a possible death, we gave them names we called them cancer called them accidents" beautiful lyrics and intricate instrumentation arrangements. Enjoy the stunning sounds of Typhoon.
I'm looking a little awestruck as I recently got to play my favorite @surfcurse song -#foreverdumb on @cjsw my favorite radio station! What a dream come true. Thank you to Jay, the voice behind the totally radical show 'Prairie Surfin'. Stay pitted my dudes.
Merry Christmas Eve everyone. I hope you get some sweet presents this year 🎁 also keep being kind to one another and enjoy this time with your friends and family. Sing a couple carols this holiday season. 🌲❤️️😘
This what you're seeing here is a masterful creation by the ever so talented @nilhouse - This is a song we play titled 'Motorcycles'. Come see us tonight at @vagabondbrewery and stay tuned for when these songs are all polished up in the new year. :) #iamthemountain #motorcycles
Who dat gangsta rapper chillin' on da rocks?¿?¿ ✌️
I've been so inspired lately to adventure more, continue learning new things & challenging old ideas, and have felt such love and support in all aspects of my life. Even when things feel a bit foggy, unclear, messy, disjointed and just a little off sometimes, it's nice to have someone who's got your back no matter what. 🙏🏔#Angelisthemountain #grassylakes
Friday evening join us at @kawaespressobar for an intimate musical experience. I Am The Mountain will be playing for 3 hours showcasing many of our talents and our songs we've written! They also have amazing sausage and pierogies. #howdoyouspellpierogies #pierogies #kawaespressobar #iamthemountain
The room. The chamber of knowledge. A lecture theatre I've spent many hours in. ST 140 & 142. #sciencetheatres #uofc #year7 #haveaseat
Special Purchase at @longandmcquade for their Attic Sale! This beautiful Navy Blue Gibson was first pointed out by @jourdancunningham (who also made a great line partner) as well as @angelofwar who was patient and careful while holding the navyblue baby (pictured above) while I shopped more and more. Thank you to @laurahalv and @adam_analog for their encouragement and friendship. Adams guitar was the second nicest one in the store and Laura and I are gonna do some saxophoning soon! Big shoutout to @brettmccrady for going to class before the sale, hope you still found something dope! Lastly big ups to Brett from @theashleyhundred for confirming my purchase, double checking my receipts and being my fav L&M employee. This electric guitar is my new replacement for my old Danelectro that was taken last month. It's gorgeous and I can't wait to play it at a show near you!!! Sept. 16th 2016