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Blowing up the spot with a second angle @gordondelossantos @chrispatton @nicklopez

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So stoked to see @angelie_l and @gusguspl510 get married today! High school sweethearts who met at 11 years old! Love you guys ❤️❤️ #FinallyYepez
Anniversary weekend on the north coast with @francesmarin ❤️🎥🌿
I threw a roll of Fuji Tungsten film in my bag on our way to Humboldt last fall. I have no idea where I got the roll from but it had sat in my refrigerator for a bunch of years before that trip and sat in my fridge for nearly another year before I bothered to develop it. I had no clue what the hell it would look like but shot most of it on a hike through Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park and Fern Canyon.
The eclipse was great and all but seeing a newscaster get overrun by dabbing children was as majestic ✨
What a senseless and tragic day for such a beautiful city. We stayed on Las Ramblas for New Years 2005. England and France seemed so goddamn cold compared to Barcelona, where we could leave our coats in the hostel, walk down to las Ramblas to grab a beer and a falafel and park it on a curb. Still one of my favorite cities in the world. 💔
Last one from Iceland 🇮🇸 🎞 There are miles of sheep pastures along Route 1, often with a backdrop of waterfalls, and little hobbit-houses built into the cliffs for the sheep to sleep in. This was as close as I could get before the big one took a shit and led the babies away from the fence.
Skógafoss is a 200' high waterfall in southern Iceland. This day was especially memorable because about 45 minutes prior to this photo being taken, our rental car door got blown open in a windstorm on top of a cliff. Since Iceland is about twice as expensive as the US and I opted out of the extra insurance, I imagined the damaged car door would run me $10,000. This beautiful waterfall was very calming though and after hiking to the top, I felt at peace once again 😲💸
Phenomenal podcast about the origin of the kidney pool in the historical context of landscape architecture and eventually skateboarding. Plus, it has Jake Phelps in an NPR-ish interview 🤓 (thank you @francesmarin for the rec)
Jökulsárlón is a lake in eastern Iceland that is called the "Glacier Lagoon". Icebergs break off of the adjacent glacier and float in the lake, eventually washing up on shore. A really surreal place, and very goddamn cold, even in summer ❄️❄️❄️
More Iceland film 🇮🇸🎞: Gulfoss is a massive waterfall located on the Golden Circle a couple of hours from Reykjavik. We were lucky enough to see a rainbow in the mist when the sun peeked out for a couple of minutes.
Finally got some film back from our honeymoon. We ran into these dudes on the Ring Road along the south east coast of Iceland.
@mikkellerbeer world tour continues. Copenhagen is beautiful 😍👧🏽🍜🍻
After so much time off traveling, it felt good to get on the mat and get smashed by some Vikings. Thanks to @mjolnirmma for the hospitality and tough training. And for having a beautiful Viking bar attached to the gym so @francesmarin and I could have an amazing beer afterwards.
Spent the day hiking a glacier and glacier lagooning in Southern Iceland. Also drove by approximately 37 waterfalls that I barely caught a glimpse of in fear of driving off of the narrow two lane Icelandic road.