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Chillin' on top of the picnic table at the dog park today.

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Seriously? This rack is ridiculous! What do I do with 3Qs and NO Us? And throw an X in there while you're at it. I can only play Qi so many times. LOL
#scrabble #scrivalry
Look at that beautiful hunter! I love you soooo much my baby-baby! 😍🐶
When did it become okay for kids to do their #homework in sparkly gel pen??? It was strictly pencil only when I was in school.
Post first parent night drinks with all of the teachers
No clue where this little guy came from. I found him a week ago and left him be bc he's cute and figured I might get a cocoon to take to school, but he has completely devastated my jade plant!
What's this supposed to be??? On the back of a truck in traffic this morning.
What? I was getting comfy. (I can't leave him alone for 1 minute. 😂)
Homemade #marinara sauce! An entire stock pot of it. Just waiting for it to reduce and then packing it last me through the winter. 99% #organic from my #garden (olive oil, salt and pepper were store bought of course).
Roasted organic cauliflower and fennel from my garden! Roasted with minced garlic, evoo, #penzeysspices #FoxPoint, s&p, and grated parm. 450° 30minutes.
Heirloom tomatoes roughly chopped and marinated overnight in evoo, balsamic vinegar, and s&p. Nummy!
I'm trying to lay on the couch but I'm just roasting! My baby puts off way too much body heat and won't budge from his spot. I've as far as to put the cushion btwn is to keep cool. Who really controls this house hold? 😂
Now that the harvest is starting to come in full force, I'm finding creative ways to eat and save as much veg as possible. Today's lunch: swiss chard lightly sautéd with evoo, s&p, minced garlic, a splash of lime juice, and topped with some grated parm. Delicious!
I'm also making a tomato based hot sauce, as well as homemade pickles with onions. I've chopped a MASSIVE heirloom tomato and tossed with evoo, balsamic, and s&p, which is now marinating in the fridge for a delicious treat tomorrow. I currently have cauliflower and fennel roasting in the oven.

I still also have a stock pot full of Roma/plum tomatoes to be processed, but at least they're washed and covered so bugs can't get to them. With my injured hand I will be needing assistance with processing them. I'm trying to decide between tomato jam and pasta sauce.
I can't leave ANYTHING out or I have fruit flies in a heart beat. I know how to effectively deal with them, but it's annoying to have them in the first place, especially when they do damage to my produce so fast.
Help a teacher!
I've started a @gofundme campaign. Check it out:
Link also in my profile.
#teach #teacher #education #educate #innercityschools
@imjustabill Nothing compared to you #butterfly pics, but I think he's pretty beautiful.