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skip43 285w ago
Go watch this on Vimeo then go buy a brick!!! @homebase610

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skip43 1d ago
Remember kids, just cause its fall and cold out these lil bastards are still active. Foond this guy trying to catch a ride behind my knee this morning. #neverstopchecking
skip43 3w ago
#idontalways ride my cx bike but when I do #handupgloves got me covered 🤘🍻🦄🍻🍻🍻🤘🤘 (actually I NEVER ride it 😂😂😂)
skip43 3w ago
After 3 rides in 12 hours this is gonna taste GOOD!! #handupoftheday #partytime
skip43 3w ago
Finishing up these earrings. These and other creations will be available soon. #recycle #woodenjewelry #skateart
skip43 4w ago
Well at least I got that outta the way at the beginning of the ride🙄 AlwYs a goodtime at #nesh #pivotswitchblade #racefacechester #totheshin