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  Posted: May 1, 2012 2:45 AM FEED
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Post-Birthday Celebration 2016. What's good, Maldives? It's almost been a year, you yummy place of life. Your clear waters, calming surroundings and captivating scenery made this trip so memorable. Looking forward to enjoying your beauty again one of these very ordinary days! 😚♥️ | #PostBirthdayCelebration #BeachBoy #AnantaraVeli #VeliGood #SKMTravels #SKMMaldives #MystifyingMaldives
Congratulations on the opening of your first Snack Attack branch, Biebs. I got the SA2 set last night which included some barbecue-flavored fries, a couple of hotdogs and an iced tea for only P49. Totes worth it for that price. They also have cheese sticks, cheesy nuggets and cheesy fries. See you at your other branches. This one is located at Victory Central Mall in Monumento! 🍟 | #SnackAttack #TeamSirJustyn #VictoryCentralMall #Fries #Hotdog #IcedTea #SKMEats
Straight from the land of the rising sun. Would love some vanilla ice cream to go with this right now, though. These milk cheese cookies are so yum. Thank you, momma. Welcome home, loving you AF! ♥️ | #TokyoMilkCheeseFactory #MilkCheeseCookies #SKMEats
SCRAMBLE. This childhood staple is one of my faves even if this tasted fake AF. The pink slushy with marshmallows, chocolate syrup and milk powder is reminiscent of my childhood cos I'd usually buy some after school. Even though, my mum and great grandmum told me not to buy such cos it allegedly has shards of glass in it. Luckily, I've never experienced it! 💖 | #Scramble #FilipinoDessert #SKMEats
Uy, ang saya ko, oh. Wonder when I'll be this happy again? 😜✌🏻 | "I'll just keep on making the same mistakes, hoping that you'll understand!" 🎶 | #SKMTravels #CaliforniaCruising2017 #SexySanFrancisco #UncleSamUncut
Thank you for constantly granting my wishes like getting me that yummy Nutella wafer thangs from Germany; plus more clothes from Bershka and such. Maybe just get me underwear or tank tops next time, yeah? Haha. I make sure them chocolates last for a while cos it is really one of my faves. Merci for visiting the store and treating me for lunch, amusing stories and life happenings. Always a thrill when you're around, beshy. May you enjoy your break in Manille while you're on a short vacation. Wishing you find eternal happiness everyday. I love you always! 💁🏻‍♂️♥️💁🏻 | #BestfriendsForevs
Throwing it back to when I had a personal chauffeur to drive me to the Charles De Gaulle Airport in Paris for my flight to the land of souks and palaces, Abu Dhabi. Flash forward to today when I can't even afford the price of a commute from Quezon City to Makati. Funny where this amazing life can take you! 😂 | #PersonalChauffeur #SKMTravels #PicturesqueParis2016 #SKMFrance #EnliveningEuropeanEscape
GET A FREE BOTTLE OF OUR GREEN POTION. Just like our page: CHORIZO DE CEBU PHILIPPINES on FACEBOOK. Then, leave a 5-STAR RATING and a REVIEW on the spot and show it to our lovely staff. There you go, you get a free thirst-quenching beverage with your breakfast meals to push it down your tummies. See us at 33 Scout Gandia, Brgy. Laging Handa, Quezon City. We're open everyday! 💚 | #GreenPotion #FreeDrink #Chori #ChorizoDeCebu #Chorizo #ChorizoDeCebuPH #Chorizos #ChorizoDeCebuPhilippines #ChoriGandia #ChoriMOA #33ScoutGandia #MallOfAsia #Manila #Philippines #AllDayBreakfast
Dubai miss you so much. Looking forward to seeing you again one day. So many things I wanted to still do. Love seeing old photos and remembering the feeling of experiencing something new. Such a thrill! 💺😍 | #WindowSeat #SKMTravels #DevilishDubai2016 #SKMUnitedArabEmirates #MischievousMiddleEast
I am SOLA-ving this photo RN. "I know the color of love and it lives inside of you." 🎶 | You won't get thirsty when you match your breakfast meals with your favorite SOLA dranks, brother. Raspberry, peach, lemon or apple? Gimme one of each, please! 🍇🍑🍋🍎 | #Chori #ChorizoDeCebu #Chorizo #ChorizoDeCebuPH #Chorizos #ChorizoDeCebuPhilippines #ChoriGandia #ChoriMOA #33ScoutGandia #MallOfAsia #Manila #Philippines #AllDayBreakfast #Sola #Raspberry #Peach #Lemon #Apple #Colorful #GoodMorning
Your soft-spoken ways will forever be embedded in my head, you were unfailingly so gracious and lovely. You were always one of the first people I go to in every gathering because your presence makes me happy and I'd have to jump in for a kiss and a hug. Thank you for several decades of love towards the Ejercitos, Santiagos, De Castros and Vitugs. I will never forget how you made us all feel just by being there. You reminded me so much of Lola Pepang and I have nothing but eternal love for the both of you. Goodbye for now and we'll hopefully see each other again above the clouds. I love you truly, Mommy Ester! 👦🏻♥️👵🏻 | #ForeverLoved
So many thangs I miss right now like walking around in Prague and pretty much everywhere in Europe. Stumbled upon the Prague Astronomical Clock while wandering around. I also miss the exploding Note 7 which was used to take this lovely photo and how it zooms in ever so clearly on the subject. May our Samsung Galaxy Note 7 rest in peace in the trash bins at the Hong Kong International Airport! 😰 | The Prague Astronomical Clock is a medieval astronomical clock that was first installed in 1410, making it the third-oldest astronomical clock in the world and the oldest one still operating! ♥️ | #PragueAstronomicalClock #PražskýOrloj #OldTownSquare #SKMTravels #PraiseworthyPrague2016 #SKMCzechRepublic #EnliveningEuropeanEscape
Time to reward good behavior with free goodies. Get free desserts, free meals and free frozen chorizo if you're a constant visitor. For every single transaction worth P500, you get your card stamped. Not bad, right? See us at 33 Scout Gandia, Brgy. Laging Handa, Quezon City and ask about our rewards program. See you! 🤤 | #RewardsCard #Chori #ChorizoDeCebu #Chorizo #ChorizoDeCebuPH #Chorizos #ChorizoDeCebuPhilippines #ChoriGandia #33ScoutGandia #Manila #Philippines #AllDayBreakfast
SALIVATING. Get your STARVING PLATTER at 33 Scout Gandia, Brgy. Laging Handa, Quezon City. A feast of sorts with your favorite chorizos, angus beef tapa and tocino along with your rice, sunny side-up egg, atsara and pinakurat vinegar. I know, right? Yuhrms! 😍 | We're delivering frozen goods this Sunday so send us a Viber message at 0906-334-2404 or a text message at 0915-897-8882 for a complete list of products and prices. Call us at 0998-889-9168 for quick inquiries. See you! 😋🍴🍅 | #StarvingPlatter #Chori #ChorizoDeCebu #Chorizo #ChorizoDeCebuPH #Chorizos #ChorizoDeCebuPhilippines #ChoriGandia #ChoriMOA #33ScoutGandia #MallOfAsia #Manila #Philippines #AllDayBreakfast #AngusBeefTapa #Tocino #Hungry
"Walang tubig, walang pagkain. Eh di magsayawan na lang tayo!" 🎶 | There's no signal in this Godforsaken place so we just swam and bled to the core from the nasty corals and rocks. Sow mush fun! 🌊 | #FamilyTime #PuntaFuego #PhenomenalPhilippines #SKMTravels
Your baby boy misses you so mush, Mother Earth. Hope you're doing well. Wish to see you soon. Thinking about you every single day of my waking life. I love you! ♥️ | #MommasBoy
I'm so hot, right? This is my hottest state and it can't get any better than this. Now, try putting your bottom lip on your nose and see if you can do it. We are possibly related if you are able. Nah, this is the best I could do and I didn't try hard enough! 🙈🙉🙊 | #MonkeyFace #RipleysBelieveItOrNot #Ripleys #BelieveItOrNot #SKMTravels #CaliforniaCruising2017 #SexySanFrancisco #UncleSamUncut
S03E06. I just really can't fucking do this anymore. Why does it have to be so hard to be an adult? Especially an adult in 2017, living with people enjoying greed and power. People don't care about each other anymore, they only care about themselves. Thank you, though, problems, you're telling me that I'm still alive and I am breathing. Cannot wait for more of the shit storm you have to offer! 💩 | #RickAndMorty #HoorayForToday #ShitStorm #ComeOnBringIt #PunyetangPilipinas2017
Let the good times roll. This is deff one of my favorite dranks cos it takes a while before I get drunk if I even do at all. It's just like adult juice so I survive even with a bucket on my own. Such perf weather to get tipsy! 🍺 | Read more about this trip at for more photos and what transpired before this shot was taken. Woot! 😚 | #AppleBeer #FlavoredBeer #BeerTime #DrinkingWeather #LetsGetDrunk #TipsyTime #CiudadElminaFishingVillage #CiudadElmina #FishingVillage #Dagupan #Pangasinan #PhenomenalPhilippines #SKMTravels
Such a flattering photo of Graham. The only time I ever get to do drugs is when I play a character. Sebastian from Battalia Royale; Lando from Si Edgar, Si Allan At Si Art — Yanggaw; and Graham from Purgado have all tried it in their lives but not Kev Vitug so don't me. I'm probably just being typecast but it's definitely not who I am. Even though all these characters died, it doesn't mean that they deserve to be killed just because they've done drugs. I mean, beside the point of how they really died in their respective stories, really.

In our country today, alleged drug addicts, drug pushers, drug mules and so on get killed in the streets while some or most drug lords get minimal jail time and get set free. Police officers are rewarded from killing thousands of innocent lives along with the "druggies" without going through due process who have apparently all fought back so they deserved to be shot. What a perfectly lame excuse. Cut the bull and this injustice that no one deserves even if they have had bad lives to begin with.

Drug addicts should be in rehabs or mental institutions and the President already said that the war on drugs cannot be fought, cleansed or finished even during his term so what's the purpose of destroying more families and having children as young as four years old be part of the "collateral damage"? If Plan A didn't work, shouldn't there have been a Plan B to Plan Z?
Always let your voice be heard and say something when you feel that what is going on isn't right anymore. Fight for your right, fight for the lives of people, fight for your countrymen and fight for the betterment of your country. We could do so much better, Pilipinas. 💙💛❤️ | #PunyetangPilipinas2017 #Nanlaban #Graham #Tinker #Purgado #UPDulaangLaboratoryo #UniversityOfThePhilippines #Cleansed #SarahKane #AnongSarap #AnongGanda #Lovely #GrahamCrackers #HelloSunshine